Thursday, 22 October 2015


well hello lovely's im so sorry this blogging thing has been really difficult since starting college and having assignments and having too keep on top of that, its been really tough, my modeling has really been picking up also so i have been juggling that with college and everyday life. but i have been thinking of ways too stay on top of the game so i have decided to do scheduled blog post? how does that sound? it can be a blog massive blog post full of the weeks antics how does that sound? ;D so i have decided too do that on a sunday and see how it goes from there, as blogging was a big part of my life and i miss it so much, but when i decided to go to college in my head and heart i knew that my blog would really take a big hit in the heart as i used too blog at least everyday if not more! and it's a shame that i cannot do that anymore, BUT in class i have started a blog/journal as part of the class assignment, with added work attached so i may start sharing that with you? will see as it is all my written work and css codes and videos haha! so if you some inspiration or ideas for me to write about on our special sunday? that would be nice? maybe even a  Q&A about things im doing in college? or anything you would like too ask me, then my twitter is at the side on my intro bar Anyway, it’s getting late and need too get in bed with my coco and book! im far too sleepy when it get too 10 so night night my lovely people xoxo