Sunday, 13 September 2015

I'm Backk!

                                                   Hello my lovely's! * waves *    

I don't call i don't write!! im sorry my lovely's lifes been crazy busy, I started college on the 31st of August and since then its like every little bit of time i have has been used up for college and settling in my new little flat * photo's to come soon * can you believe how fast summer has gone! but i don't mind as Autumn is my favorite time of the season! crunchy colorful leaves and warm fuzzy blankets and your favorite Autumn candle scent, and hot chocolate with marshmallows can't get better than that can you? <3

last time we spoke i said i was looking for a new flat too call our own we found one! and we are so in love with this little flat it's so cosy and grown up, and has a BATH! a real bath! as you all knew I was always complaining about not having a bath and having to go too family members when i wanted to relax in a nice hot bubble bath, but not any more i can have a bath, with candles and bath bombs and all them kinda nice things, its only a one bedroom flat but there's only me and tommy and the three cat's so it's ideal for use we will be spending out first xmas here we have a lovely little fire place with a little gas fire and fake log burning at the bottom i feel so happy being here i could cry! i do have one photo i can share with you but it has changed a little bit and ive made it more pretty but i will get photos of the whole place once its all unboxed/

how pretty is it! and when its all xmas decorated it will be perfect! <3 added fairy lights and cat hanging socks for xmas day!! filled with little catty treat's oooh im excited >.< <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!! 

so i thought i would add some other photo's as we have missed so much on this blog i thought it would be nice too share some more added memories with you so that you can see what i have been doing the last couple of mouths ( april ) </3 really am sorry it's took this long too write too you all but ill try my best I promise <3 

                   I hope too write soon lot's of love my lovelys! and keep smiling <3 <3 <3