Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday current's

R E A D I N G // I am still reading the girl on the train, but I have stopped as ill be going on holiday soon and wanted a good books, as im going travailing too many many different places so will need a good book!  

W R I T I N G // Holiday need list and this post! 

L I S T E N I N G //  tommy playing some corney game hehe 

T H I N K I N G  // about a certain friend who isn't to well 

S M E L L I N G // my new candle which is amazing!!! 

W I S H I N G  // loved ones were closer 

H O P I N G  // im not gonna be too anxious for the 3rd

W E A R I N G //  Fluffy pj bottoms and white vest top 

L O V I N G //  new blog layout

W A N T I N G // this cold too go away, me and tommy are really poorly today

N E E D I N G  sleep 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Black milk; wishlist.

Black milk is my all time favourite clothing brand little expensive but im not surprised as the quality is meant too be really good  , its just the most perfect thing in the whole world lol { so I have heard from alot of girlie's and sharks } and THEN I heard they have releasing a princesses collection and I have been a fan of Disney f o r e v e r !!  I was so happy! I cried { this was like way back in 2014 } and as ill be trying too get into the alternative modelling soon I thought it would be the perfect time too write a wish list? and the fact my birthday is just around the corner ;) so lets just right into the perfectly expensive clothing and barging.

So for the disney pretties!   

Alice in wonderland leggings BARGIN - eBay  | Marie dressBlack milk | Under the sea leggings - Black milk 

For other pretties

Adventure time leggings BARGIN - eBay | Corpse bride leggings - Black milk | Galaxy legging  - Black milk |  Mermaid foil print leggings - Black milk

so that's my black milk wish list! lots of love xoxo <3

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

OOTD, through my iphone!

Hoodie from concert | Skirt- eBay | tights  - Peacocks  Boots - eBay

I have been loving wearing this skirt so much its the most cosyist skirt I have owned in a long time! which is good because im not overly keen on wearing skirts! the hoodie in the photo belongs too my husband but its the only hoodie in the house that goes with what im wearing, so I pinch it on the odd occasion, I walked 5 miles in these boots and my legs were sore but that's because I walked alot, but my feet were really cosy and walm! 

 Dress is hell bunny - Sinderellas | tights  - Peacocks  shoes - plain dolly shoes

I A D O R E this my little pony cup cake bear dress more than anything! when I found it at my friends alternative shop I wanted too cry! BUT it was the last one so I have linked you too a place you can buy its from, not for £10 like I got it at but still cheaper than the £65 pound on the hell bunny website!.

hope that you liked my first OOTD post! I will be doing more of these now I have alot more nicer clothes so keep an eye out! sorry its been a while blogging but ive been so busy the last couple of months and its about too get busy! but tomorrow ill try and do a catch up post and a haul post as ive been buying some lovely things lately so lots of love xoxo 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday currents

WRITING this blog post and some blog idea's
LISTENING nothing its nice a quite
THINKING today been a good day, and what it would like too be a mom! :( 
SMELLING water melon candle 
WISHING that unicorns were really creatures :(
HOPING im not gonna be too anxious for the 3rd
WEARING fluffy socks, fluffy pj bottoms and unicorn top 
LOVING my new little style
WANTING My test result to be okay 
NEEDING sleep so sleepy today < seems like this is a always lol!
FEELING happy!

happy mothers day too all my readers! and big hugs too all the angel mommys! <3 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mother's day gift idea's.⚓️

As you all know mother's day is just around the corner! you obviously want too get her something nice, and special and maybe mean something too her, but the only problem is how much do you want too spend?
take in had is your mom a vintage kinda woman, a shappy chick kinda girl, or more of a sentimental kinda woman? 

well today I though I would help your pick out some really nice gifts at all prices low and high..

does your mum love tott bags? this lovely little white bag is stunning and has such a cute quote on and is so handy for her little days out too the shops or too do any errands and for  taking the kiddies too the beach or a nice walk in the park!! and for £12.OO what more could she ask for  (click the photo for link)


or is your mom a lover of pretty flowers? these flowers will look perfect on her kitchen window or her makeup table or ever on her front room table? this site is perfect for that and they are sent too her door! who doesnt enjoy flowers sent too there door? they are alittle bit expensive and can price at £55.OO but they do have some cheaper ones you can pick! but how stunning are they?  not only are they such pretty little things they have stunning names too go with them (click the photo for link)


or is your mom the scent kinda woman, and always smells amazing!! then this bath and shower gem  is perfect for her! it comes in many fragrances and you can get it in a spray and a lotion  they are also made with natural ingredients too leave your mothers skin feeling soft (click picture for link)

does your mom have a chair or place she always sit in, that when you see her sat down it always with out a doubt that place? well maybe get her a couple of things that will make her place look perfect and pretty just like her this will be perfect for her too feel even more cosy and loved! (click photo for link)

last of all if you wanted too get her something that little more cute with out spending lots of money you could get her a lovely candle set, which will be perfect when shes unwinding after a buys day of chasing you little siblings and makeing tea for everybody! this this yankee candle will be perfect! just like her! (click photo for link) 

Or if you have little kiddies and wound like too make gift for granma, or if you have little siblings then this d.i.y would be perfect for them (click photo for link) 

lots of love xoxox

Sunday, 8 March 2015


READING : Nothing at the moment having a little break from reading books/manger but I have been reading all my favorite blogs! 
WRITING This blog post! 
LISTENING tommy playing some zombie game and its quite scary lol
THINKING positive thought's
SMELLING water melon candle 
WISHING for all my close family members too be close by
HOPING that the weather is gonna get nice! 
WEARING fluffy socks, fluffy pj bottoms and top and big massive panda bear fuzzy jumper
LOVING life!!
WANTING My test result to be okay 
NEEDING sleep so sleepy today
FEELING happy!