Friday, 29 April 2016

Happy birthday me!

hello lovelies! 
Today is my birthday! the big 3O! 

i have been dreading this number since i can remember i even had a bucket list i had to complete till the age lol, ive manage them all but a couple of ones, you can find that here if you wanted to nosy at that! i have nothing planned for today! im in college today doing maths so fun aye?!  i do have a surprise for tomorrow that tommy has kept from my for some time so that will be exciting to see what it is won't it? :)  yesterday i was reading sprinkleofglitter  blog and she has just turned 31 ( happy birthday for yesterday louise !! ) 
but she did a 31 for 31 post idea so i thought it was a very good idea, but ill be doing 30! so lets start <3

learn how to swim! this was my last bucket list idea that i didn't do!
  1. Blog alot more, its been very hard to blog with all my life chores
  2. decorate my house to the idea's i have in my head
  3. grow my hair as it used to be
  4. spend more time with my family its been really hard and not enough hours in the day my little sister does this very well i don't know how she does it! 
  5. learn a language (japanese or chinese and spanish) 
  6. lose some more weight this year i have done so well and been able to wear belly tops with high waist jeans
  7. kick the negative people out of my life they aint making me feel better so bye!
  8. keep my clothes in my wardrobe and stop leaving them on the floor! ooops 
  9. say yes more ( i did this a couple of weeks ago i said yes for an entire week and it was quite full 
  10. do more photoshoots i have a couple wrote down so i might just tick them of this year! 
  11. do camping ( this scares me alittle bit but i have always wanted to do it so this year i shall!!
  12. spend more time       

okay it's harder  as you think lol! i may have to come back to this lol <3 see your all later :* xoxo