Sunday, 15 May 2016

Stationery haul

My Sunday was spent revising for my college exam, and for a breather for a couple of minutes, i decided to have a little nosey on ebay for cute stationery, and of course me being me found the most cuties things i just had to buy! so i thought i would do a little haul of 'what i bought' for you, because everybody likes a good haul when it comes to stationery don't they?

so im just going to post the photo i have from the seller on ebay, as i dont have them yet and wont have them for some time as alot of them are from japan, but that means ill be getting cute little present in the post for some time :D which is so exciting! πŸ’•

stickers πŸ’•

post-it bits πŸ’•

 sticky craft paper πŸ’•

surprise 25 piece πŸ’•

little moleskin sketch book πŸ’•

if you would like links to the ebay on any of these items just message me lots of love πŸ’•xoxo

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