Thursday, 13 June 2013

{ Its been awhile lovelys }

Hello darlingss!! Missed me?!

i am soo sorry that i have hardy been posting *crys* its been all work no play for me the last week or so, (but fun) i have met some amazing people, passed my taekwondo too the next belt, and have been invited too the championships next year in russia!! so i may give that ago if i get good enough.. so today i though i would share with you my most pride and joy in the beauty world its my grate pleaser too introduce you too...   

     Sugar Crush Body Scrub: which you can get online or in boots for £8.00  
yes its aittle expensivebut once you get it you will be hooked! (well i was anyway) 

My thoughts on this product ...   
i adore this scrum!! its smells ABSOLUTELY amazing (like fresh cupcakes) and makes your skin feel amazingly soft and smooth you will only need a small amount , one of the many reason why I love this is because i have very sensitive skin and this works wonders and doesn't leave me sore red and itchy so i would recommend this, and will be more than likely going out too buy this when i run out. 

Hope that your all well my lovelys. xoxo