Monday, 17 June 2013

{ Pretty Things }

 hello darlings i hope your all are well and had a very nice fathers day yesterday, i spent the day with my dad and the family drinking wine and eating nice food! (that my sister made and it was amazing!) how did your day go did you do anything fun? so im going too be keeping this post short, since the post that i was going too write is not going in too words! as my brain is one big messy bookscase! full of worrys and problem im having but not going too let it beat me! ill be my happy blogger self very soon! so for the moment im going too write a todo list just so i have filled my blog full of lovely thing and stuff to remember so my heart is filled with love and not pain. 


1. Stop worrying about what other people think, as it doesn't really matter in the end.
2. Start writing my offline journal so that i feel alot happier and get the stuff thats unwanted from my head. ( clean my bookcase )
3. Make my new html blog, and give back too the people who have helped me the last day or so.
4. Learn more about buddhism, so that your mind is a happy place and you feel more positive about things in life.
5. Go too sleep earlier so you feel alot better in the morning when the cat jumps on your head for cuddles. 
6. Stay happy! dont get yourself how you were a couple of years ago, them people and problems are smaller than you will think a year for today 18.06.13

Night night dollys. oxox