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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello darlingss!! 

Yes ANOTHER blog enty! but this is a different kind of post its a list of all the amazing blog i have foundthe last couple of days! some of them different (perfect)  in there own little way. so lets start. so today i was just looking through a couple of other blogs by clicking on there 'sponsor' tag at the side under about me.


1) i found a lovely little blog, by a lovely woman named sybil you can follow her lifestyle, cooking and her faith in god. peace it all together:


2)  this blog has made me have so many new idea's for my future blog post, this blog is ran by 5 different  lovely woman named ashley, torrie, natalee, & ashley (another) you can follow her there inspiring post, graphicdesign and learn how too make your blog your own. byourownblog:

 so i recommend you go and follow the blogs above! ill be doing some more recommended blog post soon but for know ill see you tomorrow night dollys! xoxo

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