Tuesday, 9 July 2013

{ Sunshine and icelollys }

hello darlings!!
how are you all on this verrry lovely sunny afternoon? yep you hear right i said the word sunny! its been such a good couple of days, with the sun making an appearance in summer!! :O i adore this weather so much, icecream, walks in the park, bbq's, beach walks, icelolly! you name it im on it lol!, so yesterday i was out side for about 9hrs and yes that was the most amazing time, BUT also the most painfulist night i was like a lobster when i finally came in. im sat in the garden while im writing this, and im in love with all the birdys singing away and the trees look so happy lol! yes trees can look happy. 

while alot of you are out with girl friends im out and about with my husband i never really had a lot of friends because im not one too really get on with girls! not all girls ive meet some lovely girls online and offline, but the ones i met in school etc where either horrible too me orr a fake friend! in my hight school the thing was always too be mean too the person with hardly any friends or cannot always affored the 'popular' things so later in life i dont mixed well with either as ive got a really big complex too trused people, so i have been ploding around with my soul mate, his my best freind! who need so this post makes me sound like a 'billy no mates' when infact i have met some amazing people in my life time who will always be a big part of my life, but distance is a bitch! 

So as you can see i have yet again changed my theme! its very girly but also very light and simple, i love the colors i have used, and the font looks nice a neat. i got the idea from my old theme tbh i LOVE lace, so i though maybe the banner would look better in a little bit of lace, so thats where i got the idea from and i love the colors im in heaven lol! so im going too go for a walk with my beautiful husband so ill see you soon

bye bye dollys xoxox