Tuesday, 14 January 2014

anxiety my old freind.

Its back..  anxiety! its like someone a punches you in the chest and you cant breathe... Okay that was a little too far i think but thats what she feels like just when i though she went away and had it all under control boom its back! im not on any type of meds bacause that causes them too be even worse. its waking me up in my sleep like i wake up and i think im dying i hear my heart beating really loud i hear sometimes I think my throat is closing up and I`m having a hard time breathing. i think it might be because my body is teird all the time and its sore because i have been ill. i will be getting ready on then boom i get hot and cold flashes all over and my face will go bright red then thats when i  panic. I`m dying. im getting the menopause i wont be able too have kids ever. whats happening too me ascfgvtrfedcfvgftrde!!  I cant go to the hospital by myself ill have too talk on the phone but what if i need the hospital, theres nobody home.. i guess im just a little bit of a drama queen but thats how you feel with aunt anxiety  i guess it feels like your screaming an nobody can here you.

☑ Headaches
☑ Sweating
☑ Tiredness
☑ Tension
☑ Shortness of Breath
☑ Flushing/Chills
☑ Chest Pains
☑ Stomach Pains 
☑ Butterflies

☑ needing too wee
☑ Trembling
☑ Shakiness
☑ Pins & Needles
☑ Jelly Legs
☑ Emotional
☑ Social akwardness


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