Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Simple review!

so! i decided last month too stop ising strong stuff on my face! i was getting really dry after using most makeup removers and moisturiser and i had seen them around quite alot and thought i would use them, while there were on offer at my local shop! 

 Facial wipes:

These beautys work even if you just want too chuck them in your bag, i used them too wipe my grubby neices chocolate face, and even used them too remove my face makeup normaly they burn my skin alittle bit but they have been quite nice and refreshing, i dob them on my face and over my eyes and they get makeup off beautifuly.

Eye makeup remover and hydrating light moisturiser:

LOVE them! 

eye makeup remover:  is amazing! and so soft on my eyes and removes it so fast and doesnt leave any nasty black patchis that you have too push hard on and make ur eyes sore.

hydrating light moisturiser: this stuff is so amazing! and so light on your skin, i use this in so many diffrent places and i dont get red patchis like normal moisturiser! which is deffernatly a must in my travel/eveywhere bag! 

they also have no smell which is good no more fume headaches hehe!!

So i will be using them for the time being and finding some more little bits too try i heard they do like a face mask, but im not too sure about that just yet! it takes timmmme! but i am falling in love with them , so what have you got from the simple range that you think i will like?