Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 10

Happy Blogmas Day Ten!

Hello, can you believe we are ten day's intoo december already! wow whhhhere is the time going, we have like 21 days left of 2014!! how mental is that wowow!!! so lets stop talking and let me get on with my nextmass wishlist for 2014! i adore the clothes from next they seem too be really well made, and dont get wholes in them or fray at the ends or what ever else happens to yo very beloved jeans or leggings from other shops like primark or new look is the worse for me when it comes too buying clothes from there i tend too just buy the bags or the nightwear! lol so this is going too be a xmas out fit wear's what i want (but more than likely wont get)

i just adore a good christmas jumper, and lovely socky's and walm and fuzzy hat and scalf! you can find all these in the woman part on the next website or even in the shops <3 lots of love and christmas dust xoxox