Friday, 30 January 2015

interview with a makeupartist' BeatyByEmB

Hello my lovely's today im going too be doing yet another interview, but this time its with a very talented make up artist called Emma, I found her stumbling around twitter and instantly fell in love with her flaw less make up looks you can find her Twitter here and her YouTube here  .. so lets get on with asking Emma the questions shall we? 


What your favourite makeup ever!! { if you could only pick one }
Oh my goodness that's so hard! ...hmmmmm Anastasia Beverly Hills

What was you first ever makeup item?This is bad lol a bright pink lipstick that I used as eyeshadow as well

Favorite high and low end brandFavorite high brand is Armani,  favorite low brand is NYX

Is there a brand you cannot stand? 
I have yet to find a brand I do not like.

Got any tips for newbies?Blending is your best friend ☝👍

Get To Know Me

Are you named after anyone?No ma'am

Scary movie or happy endings?Scary movies ...I've been told I'm a good screamer lol

What are your hobbies other than makeup?Painting, cooking, video games for sure.

Favorite smells?
Fresh laundry lol I'm weird I know.
Favorite movie?
Disposable Me lol I'm a big kid

This or that

chocolate or fruit
Chocolate covered fruit lol

coke or pepsi

white chocolate or milk
White chocolate

Red lips or nude lips
facebook or twitter
pink or gwen stefani

thankyou emma! if you would like too be interviewed then send me an email <3