Sunday, 22 May 2016

five good things a week #3

New pretty stationary all the way from japan, and one of the packages i got had such a personal touch! and was just so pretty, its the small things like that, that make the business perfect, i messaged her just to add a thankyou for the touch it really made me happy,

New pretty hair color that i mixed up myself, i have been getting a lot of complements with having it that colour, i will be doing a blog post about how i get the color in a couple of days


Getting really good at braids, ive been able to do them for some time, but lately for college to put my hair back i have been wearing them alot more, and ive just got used to doing them, even tommy mentioned it to me yesterday, saying they look perfectly straight and its perfect was quite happy haha

Spending time with my bestfriend and having giggles and little adventures and sharing costa smoothes together!     

Getting back into blogging, i have really missed it, think i just needed that quick kick up the bum, and a little inspiration. 

what would you like me to blog about?! email me at or write under this blog post, i will approve it straight after!   thankyou for reading see you again soon lots of love xoxo

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Today's little haul!

So today i decided to pop in to some  little beauty shops to see what beauty bargains i could find, as i love little bargain buys, I originally went in for some thin boobles as ive been running out and losing them like no business,  i found some lovely little pastel colors and just couldn't say no! so i carried on looking and come across some very very good bargains, and a very lighter purse haaha, but all in all was a good little hunt.

pastel bobbles  £1 - discount uk 

owl cup!! <3 £1 - discount  uk 

cherry body lotion 5Op! 9 its was out of a set - discount uk  

miss beauty nail polish £1 each - rose pink, and ruby pink - discount uk 

 alberto balsam shine spray £2.99 - asda

garnier skin naturals micellar cleansing water £3.50 - asda 

sure roll on deodorant - £2 - asda 

so thats my little bargain buy of the day!  lots of love xoxo

Sunday, 15 May 2016

my surprise 3Oth birthday party!

So on the 29th of april was a big day in my life! I turned 3O! yep the big three zero. an little did i know my family and friends ( gem and beth ) were planning a big surprise party for my 3Oth  they had planned every little thing, balloons, food, cake! present's! everything! so i thought i would share with you  i am still very overwhelmed with the whole thing, in the photos i do look a little bit shocked lol so here are the special moment! enjoy 💕  



the food and the cake and sweetie bar.. 

and the photos in between..

hope you liked this posted lots of love xoxo

Stationery haul

My Sunday was spent revising for my college exam, and for a breather for a couple of minutes, i decided to have a little nosey on ebay for cute stationery, and of course me being me found the most cuties things i just had to buy! so i thought i would do a little haul of 'what i bought' for you, because everybody likes a good haul when it comes to stationery don't they?

so im just going to post the photo i have from the seller on ebay, as i dont have them yet and wont have them for some time as alot of them are from japan, but that means ill be getting cute little present in the post for some time :D which is so exciting! 💕

stickers 💕

post-it bits 💕

 sticky craft paper 💕

surprise 25 piece 💕

little moleskin sketch book 💕

if you would like links to the ebay on any of these items just message me lots of love 💕xoxo