Thursday, 25 September 2014

1O Random facts about me!

  1. i have two cat's
  2. Im married
  3. I hate feet!!
  4. Im a size 3 foot
  5. Im allergic too cat's
  6. I would love too be a writer
  7. I have a s3 note
  8.  I cannot tell the time on a 12hr clock
  9. I love stationery 
  10. My natural hair color has red tones
I Tagged hazle and poppy! and anybody else who would love too do this tag even if you just want too write it and not YouTube it xx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


This is a video i have wanted too write too you for a while. and tell you how much i do like you and a little apology please forgive me. i never really liked my body growing up, i was always asked if i had anorexia or some kind of eating disorder, the truth is i dont think i ate like the normal teenager but i did like a healthy childhood/teenage live and i did eat. but that another story..

but reasently i have seen my body in such a different light and do feel good about myself and every part of my body hense my little apology.. i dont no if its just me seeing it different i dont no if its the weight ive lost but who knows so let's get too the apology post. 

Dear hair. im sorry i put you through all the heartache and messed with you, and burn you till you are a completely differnt color! but i do really love that that one time you started crying and falling out! you didnt make me bald and i thankyou so much for that!

Dear eyes: i love that you change color from green too blue too gray, you are the reason i can see my beautiful husbands face and read all the many books i have read and even be able too see what im writeing, it because of you i get so many complements.

Dear Lips: im sorry when i was younger i used too cry because you are so big! but i adore how big you are because theres more room for lipstick and you are very kissable (so ive been told) i love i can feed you and make you smile! 

Dear hand: i do love you alot, thanks too you i can write blog post! and eat and drink and do quite alot of things i even forgive the fact that you hurt alot because you do but up with alot from me even when you are sore i carry on using you too write very long blogpost and i just love how small you are

Dear feet:  THANKYOU so much for letting me see alot of places and being my transport too places i need too go! like too the kitching too make a lovely cup of tea! and i just love how small you are!

Dear brain: thankyou so much for makeing my words come out and for my little arty thing you let me draw, im sorry i get so frustrated with you sometimes

Dear boobies: thankyou for being so round a pretty i adore how you make my clothes look really pretty, and when i was a teenager and i was only an aa22 im sorry i said i hated how small you were! but when you got older you shown me that you were just growing very slow

Dear skin thankyou so much for always being so clear and clean and not spotty even when my hormones are bad you only give me one or two spots, i even dont mind that i have a horrible skin rash on my kneck that i have had for as long as i can remember! and how you always have very rosey cheeks i still love you <3

Hope you enjoyed this post i loved putting it together, i tag you too do this yourself, i will be doing this as a youtube video very soon but for the time being you can see what videos i already have here 

lots of love.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

How i blog!

I've been planning to do a post on this for a while, but not had the write words and mindset for this, but today i had alittle bit of an inspiration and words just came flooding in, it was last night while i was tossing and turning not being able too sleep so lets get straight too the post or ill be rambling as long as you let me.


How could i be a blogger with out my laptop? i think im a little bit ocd as i love more than anything using my own laptop with photoshop and all my edited photos and other software, and all my photos are in the place i want, when i use somebody elses i kinda feel empty and i just cannot blog the same with out them iknow how too use my own laptop and the buttons just seem right while i type away !

Digital Camera:
I use my trusty 'Nikon Coolpix L330' i adore this so much it has this setting on it called 'closeup' and it perfect for taking photos of my beauty products for my favories or photos of myself when im dying my hair a crazy color. 


wow! i will be lost with out my samsung i use this too write all my todo list and use the filters too make my photos pop when im not using photoshop..

the app i used for taking notes is called.

i really would be lost with out this app as i can take notes at the most random times, as i cannot always have a bunch of notepads and pens with me.. 

but you can make all kinds of list like

what too watch 

all sorts and you can add them all too diffferent pages so it all in complete order unless you not like me you can have your list any where :)


these come in handy when you just wont too write you blog post down where your at your familys and you just want too word it all out before you write it down for the whole world too see, i even write all my todo list just so i have it in another place just incase my phone deletes everything or something happens too it.. (eek scarry thought)


i have used  photoshop since i was 16 and i adore it so much!!!! like i use it for everything when it comes too blogging like when i do a tag i liked too make the tag banner too pop on the top when im doing currently sunday the writeing at the top has been made on photoshop or when i need too edit and make the photo 'POP' or just too add somethinng too make the photo alittle better

here are some of my tricks:

1) Open up the photo you would like too edit.

2) mess around with the brightness and contrast you will find this in  ( image . adjustments )


3) if you would like too add some text all i do its go too dafont.
and you can pick a font you like from there and then install it on too your computer like this..

then when you want too add writing too your photo..


then after that i write my blog post and post it too you lovely people :)

 i really really hope you liked my how i blog post! and you got some kinda inspration from me. AND this was my 200th blog post remember here when i said there would be a competition!!! so that day has come!! eeee, you have till tomorrow night too like my facebook page here and like my twitter here and you are in chance of winning a NEW THEME! <3 so good luck too the winner. <3

lots of love.



Saturday, 20 September 2014

30 Idea's you can do with a notepad/journal.

This is my journal. cannot show you the inside as its private. sorry.

So.. everybody know how obsessed!! with pretty notepad's so i decided too give you some idea's you can use your notepad/journal!  so lets get started ;)

i started writing a journal when i was 10! and i used too love writing about what i did at school or what i had for tea! but then in my teens i used too write about the bad things that have happend like losing the only bestfriend i had as a younger child, we used too do everything with each other! we lost contact when we both became 13 and after that we didnt really met or do anything together but then i found out she died, and reading back the fun things we did i am so glad i was clever enough too write them all down! or when i was getting bullied it felt good just too write them down too somebody who wasnt real? and who could get me more in trouble.. i even wrote my first pregnancy worries and feelings so im glad i can look back at what i was craving or how i felt that day i even wrote in there about my misscarrage's i have so many i might do a page too page on my childhood diaries one day if i feel brave lol! 

so what can you do with your's?

  1. Write a letter to yourself in the future.
  2.  List all of the places you've ever lived or all the places you would like too go.
  3.  Write down all your favorite blog's and there links so you always have them.
  4. Blogging post
  5. Todo list
  6. write down all your favorite quotes
  7. day too day diary
  8. Three ThingsThree things you can’t go without.Three celebrity crushes.Three favorite book characters.Three favorite things to wear.Three things you want in a relationship.If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, what three things would you take with you?Three pet peeves.Three things you’d do if you weren’t so afraid.Three favorite TV shows.
  9.  100 Things I Love
  10.  Cooking Recipes/Baking Recipes 
  11.  Hair Styles 
  12.  Makeup tips
  13.  day plans 
  14. Gift Ideas
  15.  Thoughts on life
  16.  Things to do before you die 
  17.  Goals 
  18. List
  19.  things you want too watch
  20.  memory of the day 
  21. wishlist
  22.  Birthday/wedding/event Planning 
  23.  Art journal
  24. Challenges
  25. Photo diary
  26. 100 words aday
  27. list of food you want too try
  28. shopping list
  29.  rainy day idea's
  30. when your sad list (thing you can do too make you happy)
  Hope you liked my idea's for your journal/notepad! i will be doing the how i blog post very soon lots have come up with that so im afraid your going too have too wait alittle bit sorry!
all so i will be going too manchester a week saturday but ill be having a surprise guest blogger so keep your eyes open for her blog post! 

 lots of love.



Friday, 19 September 2014


I know this wasn't the post that was ment too go up too day but i had a nap and by the time i woke up after a couple of hour's it was already dark! 'shoout'!): i need naural night and new camara battery's so tomorrow i will be going too the local shop and ill take the photo's earler when u have betterys!

 lots of love.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A to Z of heatherr

A. Age: 28  

B. Bed size: Double  

C. Chore that you hate: i dont really have one lol! oopes aha

D. Dogs: i dont have one myself but there is a family dog called opie! and hes a german shepard!

E. Essential start to your day: nice cup of tea in my favorite cup!

F. Fear: that i will never be able too keep a baby inside, or ever be pregnant or a mummy! :( really scares me

G. Greatest achievement:  beating anxiety and being shortlisted in my favorite magazine!

H. Height: 5’3″ – Im a shorty.

I. Instruments you play:  i dont play any :(

J. Job title: House wife, with a passtion for blogging too become my job!

K. Kids:  see the letter f

L. Love: Im a lover of love! i adoreingly love my husband!!!

M. Mother’s name:  Deborah, debbie

N. Nicknames:  Hev, hevvycakes, loby lou,

O. Overnight hospital stays:  wow! erm i used too live in hospital my first years of my life too the age of 4 my ashma was terrible, and it still is really lol! and when i was 14 when i had a car accendent i wrote the story here if you would like too read it?

P. Pet peeves: rude people.

Q. Quote from a movie:
Tod: Copper, you're my best friend.
Copper: And you're mine too, Tod.
Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we?
Copper: Yeah, forever. 

Samantha: If you don't fall in love, you can't get hurt.
Roberta: But it sure is lonely all by yourself.

R. Right or left handed: Right 

S. Siblings: wow erm 5 sisters and 3 brothers

U. Underdog moment: I survived taekwon do yesterday! lol

V. Vegetable you hate: there isnt one i dont like?

W. What makes you run late:  being a dillon lol!

X. X-files: ? dont get what this question is?

Y. Yummy food that you make: I make amazing pasta?

Z. Zoo animal: I love them all they are all beautiful in there own way! BUT i adore elephants, pandas and monkeys <3

Your turn. 
 lots of love.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Ps this happend lol!

  • reading: Melon ladys holiday post 
    Christine Miserandino’s
    The Spoon Theory
  • writing: this atm
  • listening to: match of the day 2
  • thinking: about family problems :(
  • smelling: nothing
  • wishing: manchester was around the corner :(
  • hoping:  i can do taekwondo tomorrow
  • wearing: fluffy pjs
  • loving: Lidl lol!
  • wanting: to hug my father inlaw at this sad time
  • needing to: sleep
  • feeling: sleepy
  • clicking laptop keys
 lots of love.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Heart too heart | agoraphobia and anxiety

Many of you now about my struggles with agoraphobia and anxiety, well latly its been really hard and i felt like i dont really want too go out because i have been struggling with my health, and i get really hot when i walk at a far distance and it makes me so anxious how red my face goes or how my face goes alittle sweaty, this has stoped me wanting too got out on my own again (and the face last time i went out the only way too my mums there was a load of work men and they blocked the only 'safe zone' around too my mums so i had too go all the way round by this time i just felt really out of my safe zone, and this has just made me back too square one again :(  im not writing this post for 'sympathy' i just really wanted too write about my agoraphobia and anxiety.. so lets think back too when i was a young teenager.

when i was younger (still the same) i was always walking around with my head on the floor, this was because i never liked looking up and seeing peoples who would laugh at me just because i was me! yep i have been bullied my whole teenage years, my dad decided too take me out of that school and wanted me too go too a school he went too when he was my age, i fitted in so well with all the people my own age! i was so happy i made friends with the popular girls i felt so happy! untill one stuppid morning! ( i wont be able too explain this story very well ) i was knocked over by a van, this is where my life changed forever, i dont remember the day, the morning or even what happend, i just remember finally waking up out of my cama 2 week later withh the most horriblist headach and body ache i have ever feet in my whole life, the nurse said i have very bad headdamage, thats why my head was hurting so much, i had too learn how too walk again, which is why i have such bad aches and pains in my body around the cold times and if i have too walk too much.. then after 4 months from school i came back too find out that the school was going too be closed down.. when i went back too school people were saying i was pushed? and would tell me what happend when i got knocked down, and some people even recorded it.

and ever since then i have just been very scared too go out on my own, and when i did something bad would always happen? like i have been ran over about 4 times, with mina injurys and this is when ive been on my own, so in my head when im on my own something bad was going too happen? but i have come along was since then and been going out on my own, but i just like too go out with somebody as i dont feel so afraid.. does that make sence?

do you have any types of agoraphobia and anxiety? how do you deal with it and how can you help other people with this very horrible illness.

lots of love.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Little Cat Update!

I just though i would do alittle update blog post about my little fur baby's! louie and oreo!
 they both have settled in with each other so well ist like they have never been apart from each other, when louie is out she cries for him, and just wont settle down, its like she feel lost and just is not her little cute self, they are like a little married couple, i say tommy is lou because hes lazy and just likes too be hugged and tickled, where oreo is just all on her own and always wants too sleep in the same place and is a very anxious little girl if there is any loud or quite noise she will jump up bless her, so tommy says its me! 

My little fat louie

This little boy is going too be 15 in 9 months time! which is 56 in human years! hes getting old bless his little pink beans (if you no what i mean comment below and you win aTHEME
all that he seems too do latley is sleep and eat, and want cuddles i dont no if thats because hes getting old or he is just one lazy little man lol, he has always been sleepy but seems like more atm? but i just adore the little bones of him!! 

thing he loves too do.
  1. sleep
  2. cuddle
  3. sunbath
  4. go play outside
  5. eat
  6. eat sleep cuddle repeat.

 The little girl baby of the family oreo


 This little girl is getting in too everything! and i mean everything as im writing this she is in a blastic bag that i have filled up full of old clothes etc, shes a little terror you cannot leave anything around with out her intoo it! included food lol, shes such a nosy little girl too, BUT shes is such a good little girl at night she used too cry and cry till she could get in and see us or untill somebody went and seen her, but she sleeps all night buttt untill she heres somebody walking around the house (back of the house) she meows so lou she probely wakes the whole street up she will be 2 in march <3

thing she loves too do.

  1. eat
  2. sleep
  3. sometimes cuddle
  4. sun bath on the window
  5. climb the curtains
  6. chase flyes
  7. eat flies
  8. eat sleep cuddle repeat

Hope you liked the little update of the kitty kids! ill do another one of these when they reach there next age!  

lots of love.