Thursday, 30 April 2015

Birthday post! 🎂

How fast has this month gone, its was my birthday yesterday! I had a lovely day! and I got spoilt rotten! and I still have a couple of things planned like a PHOTOSHOOT! on saturday! which I am so excited about! but that's a different story! 

I had the lovelyist day with my family and husby! went shopping through the day and got spoilt rotteon from him the little babe got me some clothes a month ago which was amazing and I love them so much but then he surprised me with some more things as well as a night away at my freinds on saturday! 
this is some of the things i picked up while shopping yesterday! (he bought me some jeans but they didn't fit and neither did the next size up!) but he bought me a wonderwoman top too go with the jeans which was the perfect size! so he let me spend some money on what the jeans cost and took them back and got some more bit's as we saw them! he spent so much on me I cannot wait till his bithday.. 

High waisted tartan jeggings - Sports direct  | Iphone case - Sports direct   adventure time skirt - Sport's direct
Mascara - Superdrug  | nail polish - Superdrug 

 so that's what my husby got me! they are such amazing present's and I feel so Lucky! <3 and then for the rest of the family I also got some amazing present that are so me its unreal here is what I got given

Im not too sure where these are from as these are little surprises As you can see I was so spolt I feel like the luckyist girl ever which the little presents I got! so that's all the present's I have gotten and I have some more on there way and Ive had money from my grandparent's and lovely cards ever so underneath is some memories in photo form, ill update with you soon with my birthday photoshoot and day/night out xxx 

Lots of love xoxox

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Family Holiday // 10 April 2015.. (yorkshire dales)

Hello my lovely's !! Have you missed me?! (; I am finally back from my week and half away, and I had such a lovely time, and feel abit blue :( the boat life is so peacefull and full of adventure, coming back too real life has made me a little bit sad! but maybe one day ill be a boat housewife ;) 

the boat it's self:

the boat was so lovely, and cosy the front of the boat (cockpit) open up and turned into a double bed. which was not the most lcosyist of bed's but we made do because the boat its self was lovely, on the first night we stayed on the canal right near a grave night which was so nosiey at night with the bells, wind and very strange noises, which my sister in law said was the sheep and baby's.

the view on the canal:

as you can see there was alot of animal. and pretty views this isnt even half of the animal we saw! at the night time just before it was about to get dark we saw a deer and baby doe, trying too get over the fence they were there for a good 40 mins untill the darkness took them away

Pub food:

stake and ale pie, hotchoclate, chill, and curry night, this isnt even have the nice food we had there is many more food photos but this would be just a food post ;)


random day's out:

the little Church we stayed next too, cath kidston shop, pixie straws little coffee boat
little drinky poos, pretty shoes, vanila coke, and stong little girls after helping with the pull bridge

cute little cafe we found:

i miss this little cafe so much!! it was called cafe cake! and i feel in love with the little place i just think it should have had a little white cat called marshmellow just too add the little cutieness extra cute

random photos:

hope you liked my little holiday post, I had the time of my life and WILL be doing it again next year! thankyou for being patient on my little non post, but im back again and have more planned lot of love xoxo 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back soon.

Hi my lovely's just a little post too tell you that I will be away from my blog from the 10 April Till The 21 April, I will be starting my family holiday! and there will be no internet access unless there is any free wifi in the pub's etc but if not ill see you soon lots of love <3

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

LITTLE ChitChat!

Hello my lovely's ! i have to say I have had a pretty good couple of day's! ever if I have not got everything crossed off my little list of list yet, but its kinda hard too tick of, buy a Costa on the way too Manchester stop of , and pack every little item I own away, and not touch it EVER! .. after finding out that my scare was just a scare I have decided too take life by the bull and just be happy and not worry about stupid little things that are more than likely not going too happen or that are going too happen and there is nothing I can do about it, when I get back from my well needed trip I will be going too be going all one with my life, and yoga , and Buddhism thinking the lot! lol.. so I have been thinking latly what would you guys like too read about I feel like its the same old kinda stuff and It getting a little boring too me anyways, so would you guys like cooking post? make up post, if you have any idea's please let me know :)  

Did you ever think when you were a little girl/boy I wonder what I will be when I grow up, and then all of a sudden your sat there still wondering but the only thing wrong with the picture is that you ARE grown up! do you ever think wow how did that happen? im going too be 29 at the end of this month and im still wondering 'what do I want too be when I grow up' you are grown up woman!! I do have thing's I want too be I would love too become a writer, but that's a silly little girls dream, then I think ohhh ohh a midwife!!! then I think nope what if this what if that, I cannot handle the heart ace that will come with the job! then I think OH ill be a stay at home mom? yes that will do. looks around OH SHOOT where's the kiddies, 'shouts the cats' LOL! hmm! haha .. okay I will be a house cleaner and clean everyones house and my own, so lady's and gents that is properly what I am going too do, BECOME A CLEANER! yeah that would be the perfect job for me, no people just the ones your cleaning for who will leave you be and let you clean, so I will be looking for a part time job soon and clean!! (when maybe in a yr or so when my anxiety is better <3

wow sorry about this blog post I can on here too post some pretty little photos for summer and its ended up being one hot mess of random outbursts haha! be back tomorrow with a better planned blog post! night night lovely s xoxox

Monday, 6 April 2015

Weekly 5 Wishes #1


1. Get a head of my blog post, for before I go away Friday
I wont be able too blog where im going as there will be limited internet ill be doing random updates on my facebook and instagram if you want too follow them. 

2. Get packed and check everything of my list (the list needs too be wrote yet)
I need too do so much before Friday its really unreal!  and I need too buy some things for the journey

3. Have a happy holiday, and hope that my hay fever doesn't get bad
been getting headaches bad this year, and not got any allergy tabs so lets hope im not too too bad

4.  Start my new penpal letter
Yay I found another girl wanting too be my penpal and shes from the uk which means it will be quite fast! <3

5. For my mummy too have an amazing birthday!
we will be away for her birthday, see I will be bringing her back a very special present !! <3

                                       what are your WISHES for the week? <3 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday's fun day! :)

got my red hair back ain't I<3

Hi, Hope you are all having a lovely Easter,  and the little bit of sun we have had today was lovely wasn't it? so hope you all had a lovely dinner and got lots of chocolates, {im on a diet so didn't want any good heather} so as its Sunday i thought? yep you have guessed it, Sunday currents! :p sorry my blogging has been a little non existent really not had time too sit and have a nice cupa lately! since when did my life get so busy? anyway lovely s  on with the blog post! happy Easter darlings <3

at the moment i have been really in too my books, I have stopped reading the girl on the train as im saving that for my holiday! but at the moment I have nearly finished the diary of anne frank started it on friday too lol!    

I am working on something at the moment which will be revelled in a couple of months when its partly finished but I AM SO EXCITED! , and im writing this blog post and my manchester list for my holiday on the 11th eee! 5 days till im with my family so excited <3  

I'm not 'listening' too anything at the moment but I can hear tommy playing something in the back ground, kinda scary game too so im glad my laptops coving most of the screen haha!  

The weather and about viking history tbh lol! how exciting!! im really in too my viking history atm and about the viking gods, and the hair, and just the way  they live, it really interested me <3

Nothing blocked sinuses again  

For nice weather when we go away, boats and rain don't really mix well do they?

 to connect with nature and earth a little bit, ill be going on a cleanse when I  get back, no more junk, and lots of yoga <3 

if i was writing this half an hour ago, it would have been my pretty white dress, white pumps, and a black cardie, but im not lol, its fluffy polka dots pj bottoms, and a big grey  t that tommy gave me because I adore the print on it so much, its all black and grey with this pop of red doesn't do much for my figure but its cosy! ...

The fact my life is very busy atm and really keeping me going having lots of fun things too look forward too, its not going too fast or too slow

My bags and washing too be magically washed a packed! 

Think of what I need too take with me and what I just want but don't really need 

Happy because im finally getting my energy back after a really long case of the flu


The bottons on my laptop <3

Lots of love little chicks! xoxo

Friday, 3 April 2015

Picture diary #1

  1. My first ever commission work, at it's lovely new home <3
  2. Adventure time mug! with a lovely cup of milky tea
  3. Little boy cuddles { i will be doing an update of my kitty's progresses soon }
  4. New makeup testing, makes my skin all modely like love it { review soon }
  5. Both kitty's sharing some love time <3 
  6. Planning for my holiday and using some new lovely stickers 
  7. Power ranggerss for my little sisters birthday 
  8. Little selfie from my sisters new phone on her birthday
  9. Lovely new top from tommy for my birthday
  10. 5 mile walk I did with tommy and my friends 
  11. Dark makeup kinda day
  12. TBS My little niece and tommy and me when she was 2!
  13. Love a good selfie
  14. TBS Niece brother sister nephew 
  15. GORGEOUS! photo i found which gave me alot of inspiration <3

be back tomorrow with a review of my new makeup pieces <3 lots of love xoxox