Sunday, 27 July 2014


nightmare art.


Hello, im thought i would write this post because i had a very bad night tonight i went too sleep at about 8 o'cock as i was really teird, and i had the most unexpected nightmare.

i have been suffering from night terrors as far as being one and under but they are always so real they are horrible, i have been too the doctors so many times that i have lost count, i have even 7 dream catchers and they are ment too work old wives tale, they tent too not work tbh, i got told too have a cup of tea or warm milk before bed as it relaxis the mind, or i got offered medication as a child and adult but the sideaffects are bad dream!!

when i was little i used too dream about people under the stairs and people and things in the corner of the room, and clowns, but in my older years i dream about the most horrible stuff none too man!  and i feel like i have so sorta body thing like tonight i was in a dark corridore trying too find tommy i could hear him but only his voice was there (turnes out he was on the phone too his dad and my dream was playing with me) but he was no where too be found, and i had these monsters that where inside my mind that kept controling my mind and my heart, and tricking me intoo differnt things, it felt like i was having hallucination which is very common for me anyway but it hard too explain but i feel like im waking up in my mind my not waking up in my body!? as i felt awake but was sleeping was tryin too shout tommy but no words were coming out it was horrible i felt so alone, and the night mare was like a really life situation think they call it sleep paralysis i only ever have them when im really stressed..

when i was tring for a baby, i would always be in a dark corridor waiting too give birth then all of a suddon it would go really really light, there was nobody around just my family in a big glass room but i was shouting them and then a grim reaper looking thing would dragg my baby out of my and i would have lost the baby that was the dream i had the night before i lost my baby in real life.

so the dream i have are so really sometimes it really scares me and i dont want too go back too sleep with out feeling scared, because sometime my brain decides too 'finish' of where i ended or it would start again from the beginning but that only if i wake up before it ending i have had that ever since i was little too?  

does anybody else have vivid dream or no any who does, i would really like help on stoping them! or any thing that would help. 

Much love'


Liebster Award. #2

Hello so i got nominated Amy over at stylestorms this will be my second but these questions she has gave are way too good too miss out one! i tag the lovely Lulu over at amummastimeout and any other girlies who would like too do lets get started!


1) You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
2) Write 11 facts about yourself. 
3) You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.   
 4) After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice. 
5) You must not nominate the person who nominated you. 
6) You must let your nominees know that they have been nominate and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.


1) i hateee feet!

2) i have blue and green eyes
3) i cannot tell the time on a 24 hr clock
i have an autoimmune disease

5) im allergic too cats but have two
6) i hate the heat and love the cold
7) i really cannot wear lip gloss

8) i will be married for 8 years tomorrow

9)  i get travel sick
10) i adore banana's
11) i am astigmatism 

(but having an  astigmatism means you have both)

11 Questions from amy

What do you love most about blogging?

i love how relaxing it is when your just writing away with out a care in the world!!

What was the last things you ate?

pink and white

What colour nail polish are you wearing, if you are?


Your stuck on a dessert island and your allowed to take three things with you. What would you take?

drawing pad, pencil and a rubbber

What age did you start wearing makeup?

18 lol

What's your favourite thing to blog about?


Who is your role model?


Besides blogging, what do you do in your spare time?

drawing and reading

What beauty product could you not live without?


Chocolate or crisps?

crisps i hate chocolate when the weather is too hot!

What is your favourite clothing shop?


11 questions for lulu 

1) if you could only see one color for the rest of your life what would it be

2) what is your favorite smell 

3)  what are you most scared of

4) why did you start blogging

5)  why did you call your girls by there name

6) what your plan for your next tattoo

7) whats your most time favorite food and why

8) all time favorite song

9) what your secret talent

10) would you ever stop blogging

11) favorite place in the whole world

Happy Liebster // xox

Much love'


Friday, 25 July 2014

Finish the sentence : summer edition.

Hello darlings after being on blog spot today for quite sometime i came across a couple of new blogs and clicked aload of blog buttons and came across alot of these post and though why not? i love reading post like these and things about summer..

The one thing I am looking most forward to this summer 

going too see my family in manchester on tuesday so im quite looking farward too that, its the only thing we have really planned, and that was only today! but looking farward too that and going on little summer day out with my family.

The most annoying person I know is

i have acouple of people iknow who are quite annoying, but not really going too name and shame! ;) unless you know me then i will come moaning too you about them, but i do find loud people on the bus/train annoying while you trying too sleep or read wow wow wowoowowow!! pet hate right there for you.

I would like to meet

 this girl right here she is an amazing girl and an inspiration, and is a good shoulder to cry on when i need my little rants and too talk about the most annoying person i know. Lulu your amazing I Love You' xoxo

After a long day there is nothing better than

Tunning in too your favorite vloggers and blogger and just chilling with a nice cup of tea!!
there really is nothing better.

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear 

i used too work in mcdonalds it was horrible green pants and green top and black hat!! hated it, made me look like a snot ball lol

When I hear my alarm clock go off

                             i cry, and dive back under the covers haha!! and try get longer than i can haha i hate being work up! wahh

My favorite summer exercise

i just love exercise in this weather doesnt matter what it is! i do love yoga and kicks and self defence which is quite cool

When the ice cream truck comes

dont really eat icecream and we dont get one so thats good lol!.

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is

a blue and light blue top i have had for about 10 years! but i adore it! and aint getting rid of it too easy ;)
My favorite thing to grill 

HOT DOGS!!! i just love them nomnom!!! i can just eat about 10 too myself wow they are yummy need one in my life im saddddd!!

The worst summer/date romance I had was

Some biker guy who thought he was amazing! and got a matching ink with his mate omgosh was i drunk all that summer?

My favorite summer drink is 

waterr WATER wAtEr !!
im really boring aye but i just love it lol 

There are times when I wish summer 

cool down please!!!!!

The best song on the radio right now is

i dont really have a radio but there alot of katy perry on the music channels atm so i guess shes summery lol!

4th of July is

After I'm done posting this

watch some youtube and get my bag ready for tomorrows sleep over with my little brother and sister <3

It's not summer until

You get bit by biting flys and you wear you most favorite shorts


Much love'


Perfect pins

hello darlings!xo
i just adore pinterest! and just looking around at all the perfect ones and just though i would share with you guy some that came up on my pinterest feed! so here are a couple of them enjoy! 

how perfect are they! i just want too swim in the beautiful sea and burn and bath with the most pretty smells ever!!! hope you liked my perfect pins post..

Much love'


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Want need wear read.

I did have another post planned untill my laptop over heated and died! and i lost my notes :( poo! so i saw this on a couple of blogs and thought i would at least give you something too read! i dont no wht but i have had really bad writers block the last week i think its this thing in the sky turning my brain and though's too mush! so i really am sorry i have been a very bad blogger! but we have alot planned so i will trt my hardist! i promise. i will be married 8 years on monday and i can really say i married my bestfriend, i will spam you with my wedding photo's on monday as a little treat and a none hair dyed younger heather! whar a treat aye ;p so lets get too the post before i ramble my head of about random things.

want: i really want a lovely pair of pastle colored shorts alittle like this but alittle longer and not 'hotpants' can you really see me walking around with my fat bum in them beautys or i would buy these i adore that they are blue acid wash too and high waisted too hide all my fatty bits.

need: too go too japan! and be an anime character for the day, and maybe even move there forever ;p

wear: Pjs forever if i could wear these for the rest of my life i would be more than happy forever! lol they are adorable! and these too match  i cant even...

read: i really want too read the book water for elephants it sounds amazing! i must must must bye it soon! i really do, please remind my on the hashtag #heathermustread and even add some books for me if you like i love reading !
Much love'


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer fun!

Hello lovely's i hope that you are all good, and enjoying the sunshine! i have been making the most of it, it was tommys bbq on tuesday, that was fun but we didnt end up coming home till about 5:30 in the morning, so i sleped in till late today, but then we had a big masive bbq in the nabourhood it was so nice it was for the Common wealth opening ceremony, was a couple of nice days, then was back too training so i have been walking like a penguin for the last couple of day! haha, and then tomorrow were having something for my sisters bithday, family meal or something fun like that, and then monday the boy are going camping and im staying at my mums! i promise i will become a good blogger again soon been so busy and its nice i have had alot of family and friend times in the sun

what have you been up too?! would like too hear your summer stories. much love xoxox

Sunday, 20 July 2014


  • reading: blogilates
  • writing: this
  • listening to: fifa sound track
  • thinking: about excercise
  • smelling: nothing
  • wishing: my hair would grow!
  • hoping:my ankles not bad for tomorrow
  • wearing: unicorn pj and yogo top
  • loving: my kittys
  • wanting: sleep
  • needing to: turn the heating of
  • feeling: sleepy
  • clicking The mouse and laptop keys.

Ben lomond.

So.. what can i say about my day on saturday! well as im sat writing this i have two very swollen ankles. it was such a pretty view and i had everything i needed walm clothes the lots but i just dont think that i was fit enough too do the what was a 974 m, it was beautiful when i looked down, but i was only 45 mins from the top, which put me at a quart too go till the top, but i gave up i feel over twice and twisted both ankles feel in a river, and banged my head of a rock, and was sick! i aint no lara croft what a day i had lol! i wore jeggging vest top and some trainers and i was boiling even no it was raining and a storm on us, i was slipping ever where! i was not a happy girl lol.

Friday, 18 July 2014

My vegetarian story

Hello lovely's so today, im going too be writing something that i have been putting of for week's! maybe even when i first had my blog, as i was vegetarian when i started this blog
i started becaming a vegetarian january _ _ and i was one 11month it was really hard being one, when my husband adores meet and we had too make oh own food, or i had too leave out the meat with the things he was cooking..

How I became vegetarian. 

i was on a website and they were saying how what ever the animal eat you will end up eating the same thing, and that when they are sick you end up being poorly and you can get tap worms, and that freaked me out so much! i looked intoo the animal's being poorly etc and thought well thats a lie, it all been proceced where you can eat it and still be fine, but you can still get tap worms, or normal worms, (its even freaking me out thinking about it) i even thought about eating just organic animal stuff but that still made me think i dont and wont eat meat anymore very anxous reason not too eat meat but thats the reason.

 What peole though. 

My family was sooo nice, they took the mick like normal family did, like tell jokes or things like that but i just made me laugh, my little brother said why are you not eating meat that strange and thing like that, but he was just strangeed out with it, my sister was worried about me and made me buy a bag of beans that will help with my protein levels etc, but i dont think they though i would stick too it, but they helped so much they would buy food in for me when they invited us over for tea, and would buy me things too take home they really did make me feel better about myself and made me want too carry on with it, but then i would get negative people say stuff like, ha our food p*ss** on your food oh look at you mother earth, they would send me horrible meme's its was not nice.

Ups and downs.

I used to get so upset when i used too go out with the family and the only thing i could eat was the pasta or sometimes even just the bread! but then i went too frankie and bennys and they had the most amazing veggy burger i had ever tasted! i love them so much, i was like oh this isnt too bad! i can own this lol! i tried quorn meat for alittle while and it was all going well so that really help! so in the end i had too eat alot of processed food and felt sick eating stuff like cheese or pastas which have allway made me feel kinda yucky so i tried too become a  Pescetarianism  instead but i still felt strange

 My health.

After a half a year i started feeling very very dizzy all the time, every time i stood up or even walked too the shop, i though there was something very wrong with me my skin started too brake out in big patchy rash thing all over the top of my forehead, i felt so poorly and lacked movements and motivation i even gained a stone and a half in the year i became one, i just didnt understand what was going on, and it was really scary so my doctor gave me a blood test and said that, i needed too stop it was really not going good for my body, i became really low of iron in my body it was becomeing dangerous for thyroid problems as i lack iron anyways and have too take iron sups,

Try meat again.

I decided too try meat, it was at christmas, it felt so strange tooking intoo chicken with my family i was so full so fast i felt sick, but i started too fell really well and started getting the color back intoo my face, and not look or feel like i felt for 11 months! I WAS HAPPPY.

  1. Would i become one again!? nope, it was really bad for my health too the point where i could have caused serious damage too my body
  2. What do you think of other people?!   if it works for them then i am so happy for them, i really wished it had worked for me, because at the start i felt amazing! but close too the end i really didnt 


so hope you liked my post much love xoxo

Thursday, 17 July 2014


hello lovely's just a quick massage too say hii! and too tell you i will be back tomorrow, been so busy with theme's and logo making for people i have been too sleepy and tiered too do anything after a couple of days of css coding and theme making, it does take it out of me! hope your all good and i see you tomorrow much love xoxo

Ps guess who has pink hair!! :) 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Reading List #1

So tonight I thought i would do a post on the things i read daily and what i read them on, so you are free too copy this post, and make your own 'reading list' post! so let me get right into it.

Website: Blog lovin becouse it has all my favorite bloggers all in one place and i dont have too click on there blog it just shows me all there latest blog post! love it!

Book: Style lauren conrad  is a really nice read! it has all the best ways too style things from shoes, too tops and even has makeup for every day life! i just love her book, and its such a pretty book that makes me wont all the things inside!! 

Blog: I found this blog when i was looking around twitter for new bloggers and different kinds of post! and i found Olivias blog and fell in love!! i adore the way she write her post with such clever wording when she explains a new product shes been trying! and dont even get me started with how beautiful she is! *cries* :) SO you should go cheak out her pretty blog! 

Youtube: Melon ladyshe has been one of my favourites since i can remember i love that she has a blog and daily vlogging too go with them, he bubbly personality really makes me feel better about myself, she really is one of a kind and i wish she was a friend because all her mates sheem too really have fun while there in her videos!! go watch her and get addicted too her little youtube life!!!

Magazine: Company! i just love how the magazine is layered out and really easy too read and the clothes that you see in it, wow! WOW! i just wish i could put my hand in and drag them out lol!, i have always seemed too have read it even when i was younger, i used too get it with what ever money i could get my hands on! 

Instergram: tbekeeler he has such cute photos and always seems too make me laugh with his silly little poses! just lovvve him!

Sooo hope you liked my reading list!! tell me what youve been reading this month and ill update mine next month! much love xoxo

Free from Frizz: Review.

So i was contacted by a company called free from fizz and they offered too send me out some blowout shampoo and conditioner and also they said they will send me a free kit too go with that free from frizz: 6 week blowout kit and i asked for the normal/fine hair so this is my review and photos of them both!

*free from frizz blowout watermelon shampoo and conditioner*

1) The smell is amazing!
2) Left my hair feeling very thick and shiney
3) Really good condition while wet
4) Noticed a big difference in the color it changed like a whitey blonde after me using it
5) Only need too wash my hair 3 times in the week


i adored the shampoo and conditioner so much i am going too be buying it when i do run out! nothing more i want in a shampoo and  conditioner 10/10.




free from frizz: 6 week blowout watermelon kit for normal/fine hair

1) Doesnt smell as nice as the other shampoo

2) Made hair feel smooth while wet

3) Made straighten easy

4) Looked nice after washed 

 Not sure i will be buying this, but i read that it doesnt react well too bleached and damaged hair so may be thats why i didnt work well in my hair? but but apart from that i gave it a 8/10 as it has made my hair feel really soft 

If you would like too buy any of the products above then you can buy them here and here


Much love xoxo



Sunday, 13 July 2014

What's In My Summer Bag!? ☼☯☾

Hello darlings sorry for the lack of post, i have some virus that caused me too be really ill and thought it may have been a trip too a&e but my headache seems too be dieing down so i thought i would do this promised what in my summer bag post, normaly i have water and my phone but i used my phone too take photos and the water was in the fridge ready for the day in the park :)

So that is what is in my summer bag! :) hope you liked the little nosy inside hehe! 
much love xoxox

Friday, 11 July 2014


Favourite book? 
The diary of anne frank has got too be my most favorite book of all times! but atm it has too be the fault in our stars i adored every word of john greens book, i would really recommend people too read his book, i have nearly all his books so i shall be doing alot more book reviews

Favourite part of the human body?
 i adore eyes! they are the most beautiful part of the body people say eyes are the window to the soul and i think that that is so true! you can feel the soul when there sad or there happy and they say you can have a happy moment with your soul and a sad? so that is why the soul shines through
Favourite pick-me-up? 
 reading my favorite blogger's really help with a nice helping of icecream
Favourite way of capturing moments  

Writing is one of my favorite way of capturing moments with writing its always going too be there writen in the ink or text you started it as! but i love taking photos on my nikon or my phone they both mean different way, like my camara can take amazing photos like...

and my phone can take photos like...
so as you can tell, if i have either of one of them with my my moments are never a photo away!

Favourite pre-bed ritual?
  i make sure we have a bed time snack like some tea and toast and then have a nice hot shower and get in bed! and sleeep
Favourite site on the entire internet?
youtube! i adore it so much it cheers me up when im upset watching my favorite youtubers
but then its blogger :)
Favourite month of the year?
July! its our wedding anniversey! and this time it will be 8 years!
Favourite object in the room you're currently sitting in? 
My big chair and my big fluffy ugg cover i call him tony cos hes tiger stripy lol
Favourite tunes for before bed?
i have a youtube play list that has ed sheeran in i adore his voice so much makes all my troubles go away! 
Favourite this very moment?
Crunchy roll! its amazing for anima sereis

Favourite not-outta-a-bottle-scent? 
Cinnamon and vanila

Favourite word? 

aawe! lol

Favourite lipstick colour? 
real red by mua
Favourite pick-me-up film? 
wow i really dunno! i just stick on something that will make me laugh and cry so a chick flick or romcom


Lu over at amummastimeout  and angie over at ohdaintyduck
and anybody else who would like too do the favourites tag much love xoxo