Friday, 30 January 2015

interview with a makeupartist' BeatyByEmB

Hello my lovely's today im going too be doing yet another interview, but this time its with a very talented make up artist called Emma, I found her stumbling around twitter and instantly fell in love with her flaw less make up looks you can find her Twitter here and her YouTube here  .. so lets get on with asking Emma the questions shall we? 


What your favourite makeup ever!! { if you could only pick one }
Oh my goodness that's so hard! ...hmmmmm Anastasia Beverly Hills

What was you first ever makeup item?This is bad lol a bright pink lipstick that I used as eyeshadow as well

Favorite high and low end brandFavorite high brand is Armani,  favorite low brand is NYX

Is there a brand you cannot stand? 
I have yet to find a brand I do not like.

Got any tips for newbies?Blending is your best friend ☝👍

Get To Know Me

Are you named after anyone?No ma'am

Scary movie or happy endings?Scary movies ...I've been told I'm a good screamer lol

What are your hobbies other than makeup?Painting, cooking, video games for sure.

Favorite smells?
Fresh laundry lol I'm weird I know.
Favorite movie?
Disposable Me lol I'm a big kid

This or that

chocolate or fruit
Chocolate covered fruit lol

coke or pepsi

white chocolate or milk
White chocolate

Red lips or nude lips
facebook or twitter
pink or gwen stefani

thankyou emma! if you would like too be interviewed then send me an email <3 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

What in my bag // #1 2015

 What IN my BAG! 

Hello my lovely gumdrop's! I though today I would do a 'what in my bag' as the last one was quite some time ago I think it was my travel bag one!! you can read this here if you like, My bag has changed so much the last couple of months but lately I have been using my little monkey tote bag, I adore it because it fits cosy on my arm and I can ram all my  favourite things in there so lets jump in my over packed bag shall we ?! because that why your on this post? ;)   

so here is what is in my bag! <3

1  My new kikki.k planner you can read 
My post here 
2  Pencil case 
3  Heat magazine 
4  gloves and scarf 
5 phone, charger and earphones picture cut it of   
6 pretty card from my neice 
8 litte fliffy case which has medication and bits and bobs I don't want lying at the bottom of my bag little ocd with that lol!
9 Pencil case full too the top of my planner goodies! <3 

And that's what is in my very amazing tot bag! lots of love pretty people. <3

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

new little planner

 My new lovely kikki.k planner in lilac! what a little beaut she is! 

I am in love with my new little planner! I have been staring at it all day! I am just so scared too start writing anything inside as I don't like the thought of anything messing up or spelling something wrong! I have always had such an addiction too stationary ever since I was a little girl, you would alway see my head in some kinda little paper book, or coloring in some amazing little coloring page!  But when I found this site a couple of years ago, I would just make wishlist, as I did think it was a little expensive, THEN I found out that they had 50% of the latest planners I would be silly not too get one right?! I did want the medium one but had a budget of £20, so I just ended up with the small, but thinking about it, it is a good idea as I did want it just for taking it everywhere with me so that's good if im on the go and can just write my idea's down :) 

in the little pockets of my planner I didn't want them over packed with things I know I wouldn't use so I just added my favourites, the girl I found her in novembers issus of company and Just new She was going too go somewhere special , That is all I can really show you of her as I said before I have been too scared too write in her! at the back there is a little note pad but not too much so I shall be making an extra part for her and adding extra paper, too write ideas as I don't think there is enough! apart from that I adore her <3

Friday, 16 January 2015



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January | Busy time.

Hello my darlings! sorry for the lack of post I have been getting ready too go to Manchester again one of my loved ones has died! what a start too the year aye!? and on top of that I have had bad internet coverage because of the weather! its been crazy in Scotland what it been like for you? have you had snow? we do at the moment which better not mess the travel up! I will try and do a couple of blog post at my father in laws as he has a pc in the study, I might even do house tour if he doesn't mind as his house is beautiful and hes built it himself, and its won awards but we will see if not ill see what I can blog about, but if you dont see me I my apology :)     

little extra::

feeling:: excited for my new kikki.k planner too arrive 

on the to do list:: make my list for Manchester 

my guilty pleasure:: downloading printables for my new planner 

favorites:: the colour lilac 

dreaming about:: a happy ending

grateful for:: my loved ones being in the next room
Measurements: 141mm H x 108mm L
• 4 card pockets
• Removable Ruler

Elastic pen loop

Elastic closure

Features both Monthly and Weekly views

Includes pages for:
• Addresses

Gold foil detailing
but ill be getting some extra added bit when i get some more money! i decided to get the mini/small so I can carry it everywhere with me and not feel like its too heavy but i might next year go too the next one up! by then it will be the different years color as last years was a mint color  im so excited too see what it looks like when I get it! I will be doing an unboxing on YouTube so keep an eye out for that! <3
talk soon darling loads of love  xoxo

Thursday, 8 January 2015

interview with a blogger' amummastimeout

Hello! lovelys so today im going too be interview the very lovely bee!! over at amummastimeout i first found her on a pregnancy forum with her very crazy colourful hair {see below} <3

 and we instantly started talking shes amazing:  and I cannot wait too meet her soon!! so lets get one with the questions before i start rambling on yet again! so here are my questions and her answers enjoy! 

What are three ways to win your heart?
Food, being able to make me laugh, candles I'm a sucker for a candle

why inspired you start blogging?
Once the girls were in bed I spent my nights just wasting my time scanning through facebook and instragram over and over and over it started to drive me crazy, I read a few blogs and wondered why don't I give it a go myself.

did you always want too be a mummy?
Noooo... I never ever wanted children and I never ever wanted to get married but here I am lol.. but i wouldn't have it any other way!

what blogger would you like too meet?
Ahh tough one theres so many! Hayley from sparkles and stretchmarks is very high up on the list, I would say Heather but shes my online best friend not just a blogger friend

What are three things you have told yourself that kept you going when upset?
Its a bad day not a bad life, this to shall pass (I want something like a clock,candle or sand timer to remind me of this quote) My babies! just simply that knowing they'll love me regardless and will be there with open arms and a kiss gets me through anything

most important lesson you have learned in life?
Not everything needs a reaction, the old me would be right in the middle of an arguement if I didn't agree with something or had someone had something to say about my choices, Now I just have a giggle and scroll past I avoid any kind of confrontation where as the old me would be there mouthing off until she was blue in the face not caring who i offended or hurt, since keeping myself to myself my lifes been so much more simple
what was the last candle you burnt?
My primark winter berry one

how did you come up with your blog name?
My blog was never meant to have stayed as A mummas time out forever, it was simply a name to get me started on my layout but when I actually thought about it, it was the perfect name it didn't set my blog to one catorgery (atleast I hope) my blog is excatly what you expect a mum to be up to bit o family posts here and there, wishlists etc

What do you find most challenging about blogging?
Lately its been keeping up, before I know it a week coming up to 2 has passed and I've not blogged once!

who inspires you too blog?
Ahh theres so many blogs I take a peak at that inspire me to make a post of my own, Oh so amelia, raspberrykiss,

what are your blogging tip and tricks?
Make sure the font and colour you choose is clear and readable, I've left many blogs simply because I cannot read the posts which has left me gutted because from what I could read it was a really good read. The squinting trying to make out the words just gets to much to carry on.
Make sure your layout is easy to navigate around and not to messy theres nothing worse then visiting a blog and it being like that cluttered shelf everyone has not being able to find any of the things you want or need

what do you use too take your photos?
I use a LUMIX FZ48

Monday, 5 January 2015

Motivational monday'

Hey Lovely's today I thought I would do a motivational post, as today my niece is up/down from Manchester and I want too spend as much time with her as I possible can, so as it's the first Monday in January I though I would add a little bit of help just too make your day a little bit more bearable as it is Monday after all, so I used good ol pinterest for the photos I will think will help you on your little merry way.

 Lots of love my little sweeties xoxo

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Manchester too scotland.

Okay so I get this question quite alot and though that I would write a blog post about it, just so then I can send people this blog post and my life will be alot more easier and less stressful by bringing the reason up! .. okay so I remember my childhood being happy and lovely loving family and parents and a big close family too do things with I even had a hand full of friends I would consider 'real' but the only problem was they were my primary school friends and we kinda grew apart as we went too different school's, so in high school this was a girl school and I didn't fit in with girl, they were not the nice's girl in the school I went too and because I was different they scenced that, I would do the most horriblist things you would never do too a human being!  which concised of pushing me down the stair's or even putting my head down the toilets, I used too spend my dinner's lonely or even with a group of girls who sometimes let me be part of there 'gang' and they become my best friends they were in my primary school so I did know them before which made me happy, but then I had too move school as another group of girls made my life a misery, but the new school I loved but had too move schools again as it closed down but that's another story.. but I was okay going back too the old school as it was a couple years later most the girls had moved on which made me feel so so happy until year 11 that was about too change when my primary school friends turned on me  for something I never did, so out of school I went again, but this time I didn't go back so I lost a year of studying, and the girls who 'hated me' lived closer too me, so I ended up making friends with a group of lad's which meant I was getting called all sorts of names, just because I would be with them instead...  


so then I met the love of my life and he was alot older than me (6) I was the most happiest I had ever been and some of the girls who were nasty new my boyfriends cousins and they were kinda 'the boss' lol of the place I was born and from which meant I felt alot safe walking around and just being myself,  by this time while I was with him our life has had so many up's and down's it really seemed like more downs than ups, and life got really bad for us both, we lost alot of his family members and a beloved friend, which really was not a nice time, then we got pregnant, lost the baby went on holiday, Tommy's auntie died I had a anxiety nervous breakdown because life was getting really sad, then too top that of our house got robbed all in the space of half a year, but we had a very close friend who lived in Scotland and I had visited for my birthday in the april 09, and I adored it so much and in a random state I mumbled would love too live in Scotland, it took use 6 weeks and we were of!    it was such a life changing moment! we said by by too everybody and never looked back! I am the most happiest I have ever been in my whole life.. I can be my own person up here and not feel like im going too get my head kicked in from behind, like the many times I did in manchester, so that's my long awaited blog post for all the many questions I have had..     not my normal post but I needed too get this story out, not for attention or oh what a bad life I had just too get the story and memories out there and just too share some with you lots of love xoxox

My favourite things #1 // 2015.


Sometimes in life its the little things that just makes my heat melt!  even if they are 'thing' so today I decide I would show you some of the things that I have been loving this last month or so! im sorry that I have ONLY just been able too share with you but on christmas day I lost one of the thing that I had put too one side too share with you, and then found it yesterday which im happy about! as you know if you have been following me for this last year -2 years in may-  that it takes alot! to be added too my favourite things list, which is why you never really see them on my blog like other blogs, so let's get too all the great stuff that I want too show you! 

-sorry if the photo's are a little bit pant's still not found my new rechargeable batter's think the fairies have stolen them-

Candle  // I love a good candle but when I found this Star Lytes  candle for only 1 pound! and I though out its only a pound might as well give it ago! and I fell in love they smell increasable, I have only tried this one but if you head over too Bee's blog amummastimeout she has a blog post all about them and has a little bit more of an obsession :p   

Avon strawberry and cream room spray // i've always loved the smell together but when a friend got it and wasn't keen I was happy when she handed it too me! it smells amazing! ive had it since November i spray it near the cat litter and around the house just too give it a lovely fresh smell, normally room spray really get on my chest but this has been fine so far which im happy about just need too find somebody who does avon! 

Polka dot hoodie  // this is such a beautifully made hoodie, so soft inside and warm, we bought this from the January from 30!! pound too 8 pound so I was more than happy too pick this beauty up and head straight too the till 

Lonsdale yoga pants // I am not really keen on this make but they were pound from 60 in the sport direct and because I have started on my fitness program I was happy, they fit perfect and make my bum look nice as Tommy says lol

Yankee Candle Wax Melt - Candy cane lane //  It didn't look very nice in liquid form, but this smells so amazing when I lit it for christmas ev, I just wanted too jump in and smell it forever, it smells incredible and fills the room in less than a seconds 

I Love... Mini Treat Box (Cranberry Celebration) // this smells so yummy I could eat it, I have always loved the I Love stuff, but when received this for christmas eve I was so happy, i used it all before the big day! but I do have the second bottle still 

Impulse vanilla kiss body spray // I think this has made my favourites a couple of times last year, but I still
adore the smell more than most body spray, though at first it did give me an awful headache, but I must of got
used too it in the end the more I used it

Drawing //  Its not like this is a new favorite it just the fact that I have started loving drawing again, this is like
the 6th drawing I have done in the last couple of days!

VO5cherishmy colour conditioner // this has done wonders for my hair after my bleach fail last year, its really been helping the black
stay black for longer as I only use 24 wash dyes, and this smells amazing also

  • My new theme
  • Silence books
  • Oil beauty all in one, helps drain your skin after any brake out
  • Water

Sunday currents'

R E A D I N G   //  Second part too silence, its called broken silence and im really enjoying it!  

W R I T I N G  //  This post

copy write prettylittleteacupp

L I S T E N I N G :  Tommy playing final fantasy 

T H I N K I N G:  About my childhood

S M E L L I N G:  Angel cake candle 

W I S H I N G:  On a shouting star

W E A R I N G: pug top and Tommy's joggers

L O V I N G: Angel cake candle its from a little shop in my village 

W A N T I N G: More angel cake candles but they sold out when I went back in last week 

N E E D I N G: Nothing lol im quite happy  

F E E L I N G  cold