Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday current's

R E A D I N G //  Still reading a ebook, called Silence  not had a chance tii get back into it. boohoo

W R I T I N G  //  This post

L I S T E N I N G  // Ed Sheeran:  Thinking out loud

T H I N K I N G  //  Dentist 

S M E L L I N G //  Nothing 

W I S H I N G  //  All the dentist work was done boohoo!!! 

W E A R I N G  Bunny Shorts and baggy jumper 

L O V I N G  My new iphone <3 <3 <3 < yep!

W A N T I N G  To start my xmas shopping (hopefully saturday)

N E E D I N G  Too blog more {sorry about that}

F E E L I N G  Pained. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas tree goes up!

hello! because i had teeth out yestreday a couple of days before i thought add put my xmas tree up, so it will cheer me up! it kinda did then the pain of my teeth really hurt so i thought i would share my tree with you { and my naughty cat } 

how are you all? when are you putting your tree up? xoxo

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My best pic // Christmas jumper's

 Sidenote:  was going too start my xmas blog series on the 1st, but couldn't wait! my note book is screaming out with xmas idea's. // 

With the christmas season approaching veryy very fast! {where has the time gone} i though i would start the series with nothing better than the Christmas jumper. this makes me so happppyy i even added the one im getting this year! paired with some black leggings and my trussed pair of ugg boots!  let's get intoo the fun part!

there all from peacocks xmas section! all 20% off everything! i just adore peacocks xmas range there always just that tad different too all the other shops, and i find them alot more snuggly press this too order yours today. lots of xmas love xoxo   // can you guess the one ill be getting? 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday current's

R E A D I N G //  I'm reading a ebook, called Silence by natasha preston im really enjoying it atm, its quite sad but funny at the same time. 

W R I T I N G  //  Christmas list.

L I S T E N I N G  // Mariah Carey:  all i want for christmas

T H I N K I N G  //  About money, and xmas pressys

S M E L L I N G //  Blocked nose so nothing boohoo! 

W I S H I N G  //  My manchester family were closer

W E A R I N G  Fluffy pj bottoms and white vesttop

L O V I N G  My new iphone <3 <3 <3

W A N T I N G  Too go xmas shopping

N E E D I N G  More sleep

F E E L I N G  Happy thankyou!  :) 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas comes early!

so! my phone broke 2 week's ago and ive been miserable with out a good phone, or even a phone!! wah!! BUT this morning i hear tommy shout heather your brew's done, so i stumbled outa bed all sleepy too see a box and tommy hand's it too me and all sleeeply trying too open it i realise its quite heavvy too be something random that he normally gets me {which i love} and when i opend itt all i see is the little apple and scream alittle open it all the way too see a brand new iphone 5!!! i am behond happy i adore him soo much for getting my something ive always wanted, i always assumed he would not get me one as he hates apply bless him! soo today i have had a lovely day pictures too follow lots of love! xoxox


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Just a little update.

Hello lovely's i just want to say a massive thank you too you all for still sticking by me the last month, while i have bearrly been blogging, just thankyou so much for being there, i have made some amaaaazing people from blogging, dont worry i will be doing blog post again, im just taking a little bit of me time atm, i will get back on it, after or before xmas i love you all alot and hope you understand. <3  ... 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lettter too younger heather


please don't be too keen too make friends! the ones you make are not your friends they will make you feel worthless and ugly, just too make them self feel better, oh and yes there is scissors in the bathroom, but it doesn't mean they are there too be used on you fringe! 
also stick up for yourself!! cos later in life you will feel like you cannot tell somebody where too go and it is hard! ... also listen too you heart, he doesn't love you he just wanted what all men wanted, you are young you will find Mr right, but then he wasn't no Mr right then! 

stick up for your self when the bullies try too hurt you, kick them right back they are going too mess you whole school experience up and you will end up leaving school 2 years early 
Dont wash you hair twice a day thats just going too make your hair look crappy and thats just another reason for them stick up cows too take the mick out of you for something else that day! 

I know you are socially awkward, this is a problem, BUT it will make you a better person when you grow up, you will be aware of things alot more and you will be alot safe iknow you got ran over and iknow your scared but little by little you will regain the strength and get back out there and be fine, { even though at the age of 28 you are still kinda scared of crossing big main road! that will never go }   

when you get too the age of 18 you will meet the love of you life and marry him 6months later! {yep your thinking too soon} but you will move too scotland and be the most happyist you have ever been.. 

spend more time making you siblings feel special stay close too them always, and stop being so cheeky too your parents!! they do alot for you and they love you.. 

lots of love heather age 28. <3 

It's almost christmas darlings!

it's always been a favorite, to decorate my christmas tree, and get intoo the christmas spirit, this will be my second xmas since giving it up for 4 years {jw} so it just feels that more special,  listen to the carpenter's, and eating what ever xmas treats you have already bought in, I've been really feeling the christmas spirit since a couple of night ago when we were at my parents and we had xmas songs on and they were having a drink, tommy has told me i can get a tattoo for one of my xmas pressys! soo soo excited, ive already got an idea, im thinking of getting a little doe, with a bow and little flowers round the bottom of her kneck? if that makes sense! i havent got any xmas pressys in yet, but hopefully next week we get too do some xmas shopping, i have some ideas of what too get people it just having the money, and and and we will be walming our hands with one of the costa xmas drinks!! :)

what do you do too get in the christmas spirit? xox

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The 'Me Time' TAG! | essiebutton & amelialiana

So i was looking around youtube and i came across i tag that essiebutton & amelialiana had created and thought ooh im gonna give that ago. so here they are! 


What do you watch or read during me-time? -  i ADORE! this book, and when i have me time no matter how many times i have read it i will always with out a doubt go back! it just feel like home lol. 

What do you wear during me-time? #nobra  -  at the moment i have a love for these pjs, they are that walm cotten feeling and they are the most cosyist of cosy pjs i bought last year! <3 and the only way is essex xx

What are your me-time beauty products? -  these products have been in my favorites many many times and still are! 

Current favourite nail polish?  this is my favorite nail polish ever!! and for only a pound you canny complain <3

What do you eat/drink during me-time?  hotchocolate!! or peppermint tea or even normal tea? and a lovely bit of cake! 

Current favourite candle?  cinnamon stick or candy cane lane

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?  never!! i hate being on my own outside

Would you ever go see a movie alone?  '' read above lol '' 

Favourite online shop?  peacocks! xxx

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?  blogging and drawing 

Random outburst.

this is going too be a short and sweet post today, as im not feeling 100% a lot of things are happening in my life atm that i cannot talk about on here, its nothing bad but its the start of my life changing, and you no when something happened before and you just cannot help but worry, what if it happens again, whats if its too late etc! but something big is going too be happening in the next year or maybe soon, all will be told next week or after xmas, i know that you reading this think what the frig is she on lol, this post is pointless but at the end of the day it just a random post that has a meaning behind it, not just a rambling woman having a metal break down i promise! haha there will be somebody reading this and she will no what im on about thank gosh! but for the time being im going too keep you all guessing lots of love from a very crazy heather xoxox  

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thing's i want. || Monochrome

Hello lovelys! i am just loving wearing black and white atm, and it does make you look preddy slim {coming from me it boost my confident right up} so i have been wearing black clothes quite alot, black vesttop's or white short t's. so i thought i would show you what im thinking of buying when i have a few extra pennies! so lets get into the good part's!! yayy. ^_^ 

there's so much more i could share with you, but im just going too keep it simple and maybe do a part 2 tomorrow <3 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pug Love.

hello lovelies! i hope that your all doing okay? sorry ive not been blogging as much been so busy, and trips too the doctors. but all is good in some ways, tommy just got back from london with my little brother, they has the best time ever! he brought me back alittle hello kitty beanie teddy..

so i heard tommy come back from college at around half 4 5: Oclock, and he said heather lock the cats up, me being worried did as he said, and then he told me too come out side, and there he was a little lost pug, he was all scared and just cuddley, so we though oh no, somebody has lost a pug poor owers, so we grabbed our coat too see if we could find an owner, but no look for ages, so we though okay we will go shop gets some dog food and take some photo's of him but on our way we here people shouting and we find his owner thankyou gosh! but there was 6 that got lost and 4 had been found, she was so happy when we walked him over, she started crying and hugging us i was so happy but then she told us there was still one more pug missing, we looked everywhere for her, but still there was no look, this lovely little dog is my dream dog and too have a cuddle of 5!! has made my day, i just hope that her little girl has been found. but they had ran from the home which was 4 miles (next village up from us) poor little thing's i named him bobby! <3 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Positive November

Positive November Challenge.

day 7.

  1. how excited tommy is for london today! but arrives tomorrow at 7:30, hes jumping around all excited bless him
  2. Clean clothes and bedding, washed lot so i can be cosy at my mums
  3. Family time, while tommys in london
  4. My laptop got fixed! thankyou tommy!!
  5. Tommy sense of humor, means there is never a dull moment! 

hope you have a positive day lots of love xoxo

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Positive November

Positive November Challenge.

day 6.

  1. Very caring doctor's today
  2. Tommy gets too go london
  3. FOOD!
  4. huggles from my cats all day
  5. family time

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Positive November

Positive November Challenge.

day 5.

  1. I Didn't sleep last night, but when tommy got home from college he got in bed with me and i fanally have had 3 hrs in 24 hrs! yay
  2. That im cuddled up in my walm house and not outside 
  3. My hearing came back in my right ear today!!! 
  4. My cats are safe inside
  5. I have the stuff in too make pasta!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


So today i thought i would write about something i find very tough in life { im really scared of writing this post out loud as i realist i do have a problem } i find it so hard too fit in, with my anxiety i feel really lonely, because when im in a crowed even if its my loved ones i just feel quite and little, even when they invite me places i make excuses, and just try too avoid people, i feel like a shut myself away from people, just because im scared of talking too people and just panic if i say the wrong thing and people get mad at me,  i always get upset when people dont invite me places, but deep down iknow it's my own fault because ive made excuses in the past, then it makes me feel really shitty and worthless, so i have decided too make a change! and just say yes, get myself out there a little bit and try too go places with people and just get out of my little comfort zone! i know i can do this and i will! first step is when people invite me places i will go :) 

so how do you beat this problem? you face it, stair straight at it.. { lets hope i can do this and feel alittle bit happyer }   i have been invited too a couple of blog meet ups in the last couple of months and ive said no, so next year if theres any near where i live, i will be saying yes! <3 i have done a post about what is agoraphobia, you can read it here:

lots of love xoxo

Positive November

Positive November Challenge.

day 4.

  1.  I'm just thankful i have a caring husband and he doesnt cheat on me or isnt horrible
  2. I have an amazing caring family 
  3. Moving too scotland
  4. Having hardy any money but still managing too eat and life 
  5. The night sky where we live. we live in a place where it really dark at night {street light heardy work} so we get too see all the stars, and one year when we first moved up i got too see the northern lights

Monday, 3 November 2014

Positive November

Positive November Challenge.

day 3.

  1.  I got too eat left over cake for breakfast 
  2. Going back too sleep and sleeping in all day {oopes} sorry not sorry moment.
  3. Waking up feeling poorly but still managed too blog
  4. Tommy finishing college early 
  5. Finding really good blog's! 


Lots of love sweeties <3

Liebster Award

 i was nominated by the lovely My glitter world too do the liebster award, thankyou very much for nominating me sweetie. her blog is just perfect if you would like too follower her just click on her name at the top, so lets get straight too the questions she has gave me.

The Rules
Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award
Answer the 11 questions given to you from the blogger
Give 11 facts about yourself
Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award (less than 200 followers)
Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
Give them 11 questions to answer

The Questions:

 how old are you? i am 28 

  what’s your favorite shop? peacocks

  Do you like Online Shopping? yes! i just love ebay! may have alittle problem lol

 What’s your favorite colour?  hmm as i kid i had favorite colors like pink etc, but as ive grown up i like different colors than i did when i was little, but i like colors for the reason if they look good on me? like blue and black

 Do you have a pet?  yeah! i have two cats

 Where’s your furniture from? bit of a tough question as i have furniture from everywhere lol

 do you love Christmas?  yeah!! though my husband doesn't his nicknames the grinch lol 

 What are you favorite Flowers?  daisy and sunflowers but i do like white roses too 

  What’s your favorite TV Show? the only way is essex, breaking bad, the 100

  What do you think about primark? i love the pjs and homeware from there :) 

 What’s the most expensive Thing you have in your closet ?  i have a pair of jeans that cost tommy 160 pound when we first got together

I Nominate:

the 11 are questions:

  1. what did you dress up as at halloween?
  2. whats your favorite part of christmas?
  3. if you were rich for the day what would you do and buy?
  4. whats you favorite scent?
  5. if fear wasn't a problem and anxiety was never in your head, what would you do that you are most scared of?
  6. whats your most sillyist memories?
  7. do you like walm weather or cold weather?
  8.  who are you favorite youtubers?
  9. describe how you got intoo blogging?
  10. all the places you have been who has the best food?
  11. what are 11 random fact about yourself?