Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The halloween tag!

1. What is your favorite Halloween movie? - hocus pocus and lost boys

2. 1-10, how much do you enjoy Halloween? - 9

3. What is your fondest Halloween memory? - going trick or treating and eating all the treats!! and just family time :) 

4. Have you always been a Halloween lover? - yeah! ever since i was a little kid

5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?  - halloween partys! 

6. Favorite Halloween decorations? - fairy lights

7. Favorite halloween/fall scent? - cinnamon stick 

8. Favorite candy? - hmm, i know this sounds strange but haribo

9. Vampires or zombies? - old style 
vampires { count dracula 1970 }

10. What is your weird/odd fear? -  clowns! not odd but a very deep child hood fear

11. Last but not least, do you believe in ghosts? - tricky question i really duunnoo :/


Feeling a little down lately my heath is not being nice too me at all, just wanted too try and stay positive al the time on my blog post as i dont like sad blogpost, but i have been feeling rubbish, my immune system is just messing up with different i just have not been myself at all, i have ever just been staying in and not going out much, i even had my family down yesterday, and they just went to day, and no doubt i was a big bag of happyness, i have a halloween night out on 31's just really hope im okay for it, eek :( so how have you all been, have you been enjoying the lovely holiday? i really want a bubble bath!!!!!  sorry it not a good post, i will try and get better soon and will be my old self again, sorry blogtober :( i have missed a couple of day, but if i go too the party i will post about that, it might cheer me up too be with friend <3 lots of love oxox

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

Sunday currents.

R E A D I N G // atm im reading a couple of new blog's ive found and they are amazing, cannot get enough of them: who are they you say?    Amanda'sBlog and SandianerdBlog you should go over and look at there amazing blog's!! 

W R I T I N G  //  Writing this blog post.

L I S T E N I N G  // Ed sheeran: thinking out loud, it my new favorite song by him! hes playing in Glasgow in like 5 day's and i couldn't get tickets! boohoo.    

T H I N K I N G  //  Thinking i need too go too the shop because we have nothing in! 

S M E L L I N G //  Candy cane by yankee, it smells amazing! think im going too get it as a candle 

W I S H I N G  //  I could go clothes shoping and get some cute jumpers

W E A R I N G  Black vest top, and legging's and this massive fluffy sockys! ^_^ 

L O V I N G  My blog, i just adore it so much, and im so proud that i have been keeping up with blogtober!!!! :D go me eeee.  { might just do it for all the months haha } 

W A N T I N G  Too finish of lulu theme! but photoshops crashed and not working! boohoo just when i needed it. ill figure something out :)

N E E D I N G  Too put the washing on the radiates 

F E E L I N G  Happy :) 

<3 lots of love xoxo

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Five happy things.

The feeling of autumn:  i just adore autumn, the wind the sounds the smells. its been so cold too! i have had too start layering up my clothes or i will be frezzing when i got out! brrr, my sister in law and her family are coming up again on tuesday and we will be going on a big walk around the park, i will be layering too the max lol, what do you like too wear in this very cold weather?

New yankee smells: if you like me and find the perfect yankee candle or tart then you will no when you find a new smell you like, its like falling in love all over again! my new favorite smell is candy cane, it was ment too be for xmas eve but i. could. not. wait! it smells lush!

Long socks: long socks are perfect for this weather i just love wearing them in bed or under my clothes when im on my little adventures in the cold weather.

Long chats: lately i have really found who is the idea person too talk too about all my little anxiety worries and other kinda worries, i have started talking too this girl so much the last year and i can say she is becoming a true friend iknow i can talk too her about anything and we have really talked about the most random stuff none too man, we just dont care what we say to each other and i just adore that i can be me when i talk too her <3 and you think who is this wonderful girl you are talking about and the answer is ... the aaaamazing Lulu
i just wished we lived closer, we would have the best fun ever! thankyou lu for everything { i have another girl i can talk too alot also, but she aint got blogger but i love you moo }

Positive things: when you are feeling very positive about something, and you find something you have been finding very hard, just fall intoo place and you just feel like you can do anything :)

what are you five happy things in life? lots of love xoxox

Friday, 24 October 2014


Hii lovely's! i really just cannot sleep tonight! which is a same as im going halloween shoping tomorrow, just hope i will be able too get up in time! lots of alams are being set tonight lol so just like the title says.... 'keeping up with your blog'

I get asked this quite alot in my twitter and blog facebook, so i just thought i would help out and give you some of my best tips too help you run you blog daily. so lets get started.

Be organised: that is one of the mail things i love about blogging, being able just write down any ideas i have that day, or my case night and you more than likely going too want too blog when you can see it in your daily journal/diary so here is a blog post i have done on being organised and how too help with blogging here 

Do what you love: do not copy what every body else is doing blog about what you love weather it fashion cats or even the color of the sky on a rainy day! dont blog too follow the trend, it your blog blog about what you want too blog about thats what makes it personal

Blog when you want: you dont have too blog every day, but it would be a nice thing too keep up with your blogging maybe write in your calender when you would like too blog this way you will be ready by the time comes, and while your waiting for the day too arrive maybe plan it out and write down your ideas and your history about the blog post and just get every little thing really for you post

Shortcuts: shortcut the helll! out of your blog post this way when people are reading you blog post maybe through in a link too another blog post that's just like the blog post that they are reading 

Font: make sure you font on your whole blog is readable that way your views will be able too read it with out getting alittle bit of a headache and the words going of the page   

lots of love night night xoxo

My Little nephew // peter pan the boy that never grew up.

Hii lovely's well today is going too be a very special post about somebody i love too the end of the world and back, that would be my little nephew lewis, lewis was born a normal little baby on the 23rd of december 1991 he was born a healthy 7lb 4Oz and when he was 3 months old he started the whooping cough injections, then he started having grand mal fits and started going unconscious evey other second, his mum knew that there was something not right with her very un well little boy! they started him on epileptic medication by this point his mum and dads heart's where breaking by seeing there not even one, baby being ill all the time, he was progressing well by clapping, saying his first words!

and then when he was 1 and a half he went into the worse fit that would change his life forever, he was in the fit for 2 and a half hrs! by this time the doctor had just left him too it, and his mum and dad just watched him. and was saying his wasn't in a fit, and his mum knew that he was in a fit because she had seen him in that many fits in his short life, that she knew it was a fit, but the doctor was say nope hes not in a fit! and cos she would not listen he stopped breathing and died, they had too get the crash team out too resuscitate him, by this time he poorly little brain had been starved of oxygen and made him severely brain damaged, which has left him with the metal age of a baby.

but he has conquered soo sooo much he has learnt too walk with having little drop attacks and and so he was given alittle helmet so he wouldn't damage his head while falling so sudden he has even been saying new words, and shouting on the top of his voice, his new favorite word is meow, what a cutieeee!! this little boy has changed my whole word his is the most amazing little boy in a mans body you will ever meet, he gives you the best smiles you could ask for, but if he doesnt like you YOU. WILL. NOW IT! i remember when i first met him, i had a empty can and asked where too put it and was told too put it in the bin so from then on i was none as in the bin!! and just as i sat down he through his favorite toy at my head and gave me concoction the little poo head lol! i would not change him for the whole world! my heart is bigger and loves more with you in my heart i love you alott my little loubylou! <3       


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Instagram Life // October

Hii lovely's! here is a little peak intoo my 'Instagram Life' if you would like too follow me then you can click here or on the side bar..

do you have instagram?! if so what's your link? lots of love xoxo

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn walk.

Hii lovely's! i went on a lovely little autumn walk and decided too take my camara as ive just got some battery's of my lovely husband! i just thought as i have alittle writers block i will share with you my beautiful park just outside my window. hope you enjoy!

I hope you like them lots of love xoxo

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bedroom/livingroom wishlist! // expensive taste addiction #1

Hii lovely's! im lay in bed and really wanted too blog and i just love a good wishlist!.. so today i thought i would do a bedroom addiction eek! love a good bedroom wishlist! lets get started with a little help from my favorite websitee! pinterest. 

this is a cheating post really it a take on how i would love my house and the layout will be peeerfect! when we get our new house, tom said i can decorate and choose how i would like the living room as that will be my work base for blogging, and were gonna convert one of the rooms intoo as study/man room for tom, then he can take all his 'boytoys' ouuta my perfect living room. :3 

So living room. // work space.

Bed room. 

so there are the thing i WILL be making my room, and living room like, so. excited. <3
next time it will be bathroom and kitching! lots of love xox

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday currently

R E A D I N G // Im reading the fault in our stars again! i just adore this books so much, i have read it twice already and just needed too re read it! 

W R I T I N G  //  Writing this blog post, :)

L I S T E N I N G  // Tommy talking too his friend on psn,, think there both playing fifa again  << some old! 

T H I N K I N G  // Shall i go back too sleep, really sleepy today and have such a sore belly it just doesn't feel very right 

S M E L L I N G //  Hot heat. tommy has it on his back

W I S H I N G  I wasn't so cold!

W E A R I N G  Heart onesie andsock's

L O V I N G  My new blog layouttt i just adore my blog!!! 

W A N T I N G  Too make some new themes and mabe a website for it, the blog spot i made just isnt what i need

N E E D I N G  Sleep!

F E E L I N G  sleepy lol!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Thing's i want // Winter addition.

Hii lovely's! thought i would do a simple post tonight as its been such a busy day, and i have just sat down since 3 this after noon, its now 11:00 uk time! so as you can tell im not really going too write one of my big massive blog post about my day etc, so i thought i would do a winter wish list..

They are all from new look apart from one thing so lets get started with links and prices! 

Cracking christmas jumper // LINK This beautiful top is only £14.99 and goes up too a size 18

Dear jumper // LINK I got so excited when i saw this in the shop last week as i am adoring dear atm and baby dears, so for a £16.00 you can be cosy and cute! 

Black checked legging's // LINK  I dont normaly wear things like this but i really liked how you can turn them up at the bottom and pair them with a walm jumper, i will be getting these for xmas day me thinks the price is £17.99

Fluffy onesie // LINK  I. WANT. THIS. RIGHT. NOW! { wishes on a start } how ad.or.a.ble is this!! it looks like the most perfect onesie anybody could want right? and just loooook at them little ear's on top <33333 and the price is £19.99

Black Boots // LINK   As much as i love ugg's theres also nothing 'grownup' the wearing these and having really cosy feet you can pair these with the leggings at the top.

Pink sock's // LINK  Nothing better than nice cosy big sock's for under your leggings or what ever your wearing, these are £5.99

Well i think this might be my xmas outfit! but need too pick one of the xmas jumpers too go with them, oooh so excited, and when i have ate too much i can put my onesie on and just watch the kids play or crappy xmas tv
oh so excited eee.. night night lovelys <33

Friday, 17 October 2014

Another // autumn tag

Hii lovely's! i found a new autumn tag and if you have been following my blog the last year you will no i.adore.autumn tag's. i did one not too long ago but these have some different questions so i couldn't resist. C':


Favourite drink:  // My favorite hot chocolate i make it. is. yummy! you can find it here 

Favorite album:  // I have been loving ed sheeran loose change its been my favorite album for ages but i still adore the song in the album so so much.     

Favourite thing to wear:  // Big jumpers and the plain thermal leggings, but if im not going out anything walm and cosy! 

Favourite leaf:  // I adore the yellowy ones, that have just a hint of orange in there two, {i thought about this question alittle tooo much.

Favourite pumpkin face:  // I have never done the face's pumpkins! but i adore the little kitty ones and the jack ones. do you make pumpkin face's? what do you have planed this year?  

Favourite movie:  // I love cuddling up and watching all the disney films in the the autumn it just feel right cuddled up watching bambi and winnie the pooh haha such a big kiddy! 

Thing to do: // Read above? hehe IF and its a big if lol, i love going one little walks too the park because the trees look so beautiful and its all prettyyy hhhmmmm!! loveee. it.

Comfort food: // Pizza, and bad bad badddd foood! but i do love a good walm meal like mac and cheese! that my all time favorite food, it love in a bowl lol! 

Candle to burn: //  I adore cinnamon candles! 

Lip colour: // I dont really wear lip colors in the winter i just normally wear vaseline, i sometimes wear the vaseline called rose, just for alittle pop of color i just get really sore chapped lips in cold weather so just tent too stick too lip balms .

I tag anybody who would like too do this tag, lotttts of love xoxo

Little treat // Liz Earle product!

Hii lovely's im in a bit of a grumpy mood today, i don't no why but do you ever wake up feeling grumpy? but im trying not too let it get too me because then i will get anxious haha! oh mental health you suck! changing subject just in case i get started on what tommy call's the train { where i never stop when im anxious and i just ramble till i cry lol } do you ever feel like that? noo just me okay.. *hangs head in shame* 

well anyway i though i would give myself a little treat, as a present i was very lucky too get a liz earle product! and man // i am. in. love with, it! like wow omgosh i am addicted i want too use it every single night { kinda have been } the smell is amazing! its naturally active ingredients in which are: rosemary ; chamomile ; cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil's sounds good enough too eat aye?this product quickly removes oil, grease, grime, makeup and everything that has been sticking too your face through the day.

how too use it: message a couple of pumps on too dry skin { face and neck } you do this twice a day but i only try too do it very little as its only a little bottle } rinse a cloth or the muslin cloth in hand hot water and wring out and gently wipe of the cream and then rinse your face as normal // 

what i think: i think it is a very lovely product; i use it just before i get in too bed with my chamomile tea { haha sound like im some chamomile detox } the smell is amazing! really is good enough too eat! once you add it on the skin you can already feel that its doing something as i get a kinda tingly feeling which is a very nice feeling when im all bunged up with my sinus problems // so i can safely say you should get this and give it ago, it makes your face so flawless and soft the next day there is no need too wear any make up well that my opinion anyway, you can still wear it, but i just tent too leave my face bear, it feel like i have had a little facial the next day so just dont want too mess it up with messy skin and a grubby face. 

so have you tried cleanse and polish what did you think if you did!? lottts of love darlings night night xox

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pretty Quote.

"She adored all beautiful things in their every curve and fragrance, so that they became part of her, day by day, she gathered beauty; had she had no heart (she who was the bosom of womanhood) her thoughts would still have been as lilies, because the good is beautiful." 

Winterr day

yay! its getting cold!! eeee. i love this time of year, when you can make hot drinks and just snuggle up in your onesie and just cuddling, and cuddle your cat's so what have i been up too while i have been very antisocial and staying in cuddled up? ...

Making nice drinks: i have been making my very nice xmas day hot chocolate lately for my loved ones and i though i would share with you what i use. { aint i loooovely :') <3 } 'don't all say yes at once ;) xxx 

you will need PLAIN. hot chocolate powder, sugar, gingerbread syrup, cinnamon and milk.and a pan..

Pour a cup of milk intoo your pan, and add four teaspoons of hot chocolate powder, two teaspoons of sugar and cinnamon and a cap ful of the gingerbread syrup and keep string till it at the right temp you want it, { keep stirring it on a low heat or it will stick too the pan and taste burnt and it will take ages too come out of your pan } then when you have poured it intoo you favorite mug, add the spray cream, and the marshmallow's sprinkle with cinnamon and you are done!!  { enjoy } you dont need too add the end parts i dont always have them i like too be able too taste the yummy ness of the drink! 

and nothing better than a nice hot drink is too watch you favorite films here are a list of some of the films and music i have been getting back intoo from when i was younger

Girl interrupted ; Sweetest thing ; Bambi  ;now and then..


Jessica simpson -where you are ; Girl aloud - Ill stand by you ; 

i just adored them when i was younger and just re loved them again, what do you get up too when you have a cosy day in? { even though i went out too get some junk food 
such a naughty girl i had pizza tuesday but ooow well it winter hehe <3 

soo what is your favorite thing too do in the cold winter day's/night's?

Loaddds of love <3



Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Little Things i love. #2

Hello lovely's i did a post not long ago about the little things i love you can read the post here  and so i thought i would do another part i adore these post, as you get too see my pretty little treasures and maybe even find some things you like yourself? so lets get starteddd:

Sleeping in: i adore being able just sleep, i always feel like i don't get enough sleep with my illness so when i get too sleep in and be cuddled in bed it just makes me feel a little bit more refreshed and more zingy!  if that's even a word? lol 

New underwear: i just adore stepping intoo a new item of underwear and it just makes you feel pretty and sexy and it even feel really cosy because its brand new! (look on victoria secret for new underwear)

 Fluffy socks:  the feeling of new fluffy sock's is amazing when, my feel are always cold so they come so in handy when i just need too feel that extra bit cosyer and walm, i have even been wearing them with my boots just for the extra warmth when i got out in the horrible cold weather we have started having again! 

Drawing:   art has always been a thing i adore, ever since being a little girl and sitting on my grandad's knee drawing all sorts, and who carnt love getting new stationary! 

Pizza: pizzzzzzzzaaaa is the god of foood!